Sometimes I feel like my hard-to-handle boys will kill me.

Whether the end of me comes from getting accidentally kicked in the face, tripped so I fall down the stairs, or simply that I finally go up in flames as they roar past me to their next adventure—some days, I feel like I might literally die from mothering them.

As many of you know by now, I have two of “those boys.” You know, the ones who are 250% boy, can’t sit still to save their lives, wouldn’t dream of thinking to whisper, and don’t slow down until they fall down…in their beds to sleep? Two of them.

For several years, I allowed “those” boys to control my life—staying hidden in my home, medicating with food, and using every ounce of energy I had to just keep up with their apparently bottomless pit of energy. If you could’ve looked into the window of my home and heart, you would’ve seen a woman who was scared to death. Scared of what I saw in my sons, scared of what I saw in my heart, scared of what I had become, and scared of what I thought my sons were becoming.

I actually had nightmares that my sons were in prison because they had a mom who couldn’t control them.

Everything that went wrong in their lives felt like a direct reflection of me, and honestly, the more I tried to be a good mom, the worse things got…until I reached a point of complete and utter brokenness before the Lord.

It was my “mama moment,” as I like to call it. A moment where my utter helplessness and God’s amazing strength met, and birthed something more beautiful than I could ever have imagined—a mama ready to fight (<<— Tweet That).

You might be having your “mama moment” right now. Maybe it happened right before you read this, or maybe it happened last week, but sooner or later it will happen. It’s what you do with your mama moment that makes all the difference.

That’s why I created a series of three free videos designed to teach you how to fight for your hard-to-handle boys.

Learn to Fight FOR Your Sons, Not AGAINST Them via

Learn to Fight FOR Your Sons, Not AGAINST Them via

Watch the short video below to learn all about it.

What To Do Next

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