In the beginning of my parenting journey, I spent a lot of time focusing on what other people thought about my boys’ behavior … specifically, whether it was appropriate or not. I corrected “this” because “she” thought I should. I disciplined for “that” because “he” gave me “the look.”

Let me tell you, living under the weight of other people’s expectations is a heavy load to carry, and a mom is bound break under the weight of it sooner or later (<<—Tweet That).

The night it all came crashing down around me, I called my husband in a near panic. I was crying so hard I could barely breathe, and he could barely understand what I was saying. Poor guy … he thought something was really wrong. Well, it was, just not physically wrong. I had finally been crushed by my own inability to live up to what I wanted other people to think of me.

Man, it hurts to look at those words all these years later. What I couldn’t see then, I clearly see now—that I should never let the people around me speak louder than what God’s Word tells me (<<—Tweet That).

Many people come to me and ask, “So how do I know which behaviors to discipline for and which ones are OK?”

I don’t think there’s a specific equation we can use for raising godly kids. Nor is there any one thing we can do that will change everything. It’s more likely that change in our children will come from lots of little things over long periods of time, combined with the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

But there is a way to create a framework for godly behavior in our boys.

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Video #1 How to Help Other People Handle Your Hard-To-Handle Boys

Video #2 How to Keep from Losing it When Your Kids Won’t Obey

Video #3 How to Create a Framework for Godly Behavior in Your Boys

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