Five years.
Almost five years ago the Lord planted a seed in our hearts for what would become the MOB Society. For almost five years we’ve handled it with care, and tried very hard to follow his plan for this space, and now he’s leading us to become a nonprofit.

But why? And how does it benefit you?

There are several reasons, and on Saturdays in the month of October, Erin and I will be trying to answer your questions and help you understand why we feel this is the next step for our ministry. Today, I want to focus on reason #1—maybe the most important reason of all…

We simply can’t continue without your support.

For almost five years, we’ve worked tirelessly to encourage and equip you to raise godly men. And over the last year, the MOB Society community has multiplied such that we can no longer support this site alone, and out of our own pockets.

Erin and I are both young homeschooling moms, committed to making our own families a priority and raising our own sons well. A few months ago it became clear to us that if we wanted to continue reaching boymoms with a message of hope, we had to hire people to help us. We’d reached our maximum bandwidth, so to speak, and needed other talented boymoms to come along side us and help carry the weight of a thriving ministry.

In addition, as I mentioned last week, traffic to our site has more than quadrupled over the last two or three months. Throw in significant growth in our newsletter, blog subscribers, and a booming Facebook page and you have a recipe for great influence…influence that costs a great deal to sustain.

So in a very real, tangible way, we must have your help to continue bringing you the MOB Society.

Sure, there are other ways to raise money, but God has made it clear that we’re not to pursue them any longer. And while we realize sustaining a nonprofit will require raising money too, our hearts are to focus on ministering to you.

In short, we need our community to step up and say, “this ministry is vital, and we want it to continue.”

We need you to look deeply into your hearts and ask yourself this question: “Am I willing to give so that another mom can have the hope I’ve gotten from the MOB Society?”

If expanding the reach of this message, and encouraging more moms to raise godly men is important to you, please support our campaign today. We’re 40% there, and we need your help to make it all the way. Your support will help:

  1. Raise the needed money to become a nonprofit
  2. Pay for three much-needed part-time staff positions
  3. Cover site maintenance and expenses for the remainder of 2014

All so we can keep sharing a message of delight in the chaos of raising boys with moms in the trenches.

Here’s how the MOB Society has blessed one reader:

“The MOB Society has been an inspiration for me over the past six months. My husband left my two boys and me in February. I had always gone to church, but never had a close relationship with God. This season definitely brought me to my knees. I have been focusing on the Lord and watching my boys grow in Him through this difficult time. Your ministry has helped me to not feel alone and to guide me in raising Godly men. Thanks for being an inspiration and allowing me to feel part of your ministry.” ~Traci

Will you stand in the gap for a mom like Traci today by giving to make this new season of ministry possible?


Words can’t express how grateful we are for your support and encouragement. Give today so that the ministry of the MOB Society can continue, and keep reading on Saturdays this month to catch the whole vision with us!

Have questions? Please feel free to leave them in the comments, or email us. We’re happy to answer them!