How does it feel to raise teen sons? You recently told us on our MOB Society Facebook page:

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Hard work, right?

I sat through a parenting class before I was even a mom, and heard a seasoned grandmother say these words, “Go after their hearts. Whatever you do, however you discipline them, whatever you teach them, keep their hearts with you. Do everything in your power to keep their hearts trusting in you and your battle will be so much easier.”

It’s about relationship.

Those words have stuck with me for years, and as I’ve raised my boys I’ve kept it at the forefront of my mind. We must commit to build relationship with our boys so that when troubles come they’ll have a safe place to land, turning to us instead of the world (<<—-tweet that).

We must commit to building relationship with our boys so that when troubles come they'll have a safe place to land.


How to Build Relationship With Your Teen Son

Because this is so important, we’re going to devote the entire month of September to the fine art of building relationship with teen boys. You’ll hear from veteran boy moms like Tricia Goyer, Laura Groves, Gina Smith, Melanie Young, Lisa Whittle, Julie Sanders, Monica Swanson, Jacque Watkins, Tracey Eyster, Becky Barnfather, and from Nathan Clarkson (who isn’t a boy mom, but whose story gives so many of us hope that our hard work will pay off in the end).

We’ll keep a running list of posts here, so you can refer to them over and over, and in the end, we might just make this little series available as a fun download. Make sure you don’t miss anything by signing up to get our blog feed in your email right now, and we’ll see you with post #1 on Monday.

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