Being raised by a man that used harsh words,  that used anger to control his home and that brought many tears; I learned quickly what a man is not. But being married to a godly, tenderhearted man the Lord has graciously shown me what a real man really looks like. There are many attributes I could talk about but the one that sticks out to me is faithfulness.What is faithfulness exactly? According to the dictionary it means to be loyal, constant, steadfast, to hold true to the facts, reliable.

In a world of fickleness, teach them to be faithful ||

In a world of fickleness, teach them to be faithful ||

A real man is faithful not only to his wife but to his children, his friendships, his job, his relationship with the Lord, his finances, his church, his volunteer work, and every other part of his life. A real man is faithful in the good times and in times of hardship. His circumstances do not matter because he is loyal and his love is steadfast.

How do we teach our boys the attribute of being faithful in a world full of fickleness?

1. We have to show them in our actions.  Do they see us faithfully serving our churches and families even when we don’t feel like it? Do they see you being faithful in your word to them? Are we faithful in how we serve our spouses? Ladies, are we faithful to keep a tight reign over our tongues? Our boys are always watching and learning from us. They will always see what we do before they hear it. We must strive to be faithful in all we say and do.

2. We have to be intentional in pointing out what faithfulness looks like in their life. For example if they want to quit baseball, share with them that we have to be faithful to what we started even if we don’t feel like finishing.

3. Pray with them and over them. God is the only one that can change their little hearts. As parents we must be on our knees constantly praying that the Lord will create in them a desire to be faithful.

Can I pray with you?

Father, Help us as moms to demonstrate what faithfulness looks like. Please instill in our boys’ hearts a desire to be faithful in all of their relationships especially the one they have with you. Help our boys grow to be real men that run after the things that are close to your heart and not to run after the things of this world.

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