Recently, while folding laundry, my son and I had a discussion that challenged me. We were recounting the story of Paul and Barnabas and the conflict that separated them. I explained that while Paul and Barnabas separated because of a disagreement, God intended to use that disagreement for good, to expand His kingdom.
“So it was good that it happened that way, right?” he quipped.

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I hadn’t really pondered a conflict and separation as “good” thing, but I smiled and genuinely replied “Yes, you are right, it was good.” He hopped off to the next thing with a satisfied look.  Later, I processed that conversation further, thinking of all the people that would not have come to know Jesus, had Paul not separated from Barnabas. There would likely be no Silas, or any of the other guys Paul poured into. God used that conflict to further His Kingdom in unprecedented ways. As close as they were, Paul and Barnabas probably would not have ever looked at each other and decided it was a great idea to “divide and conquer,” to spread the Gospel.

What does putting God first in my home look like?

Sometimes, putting God first in your home means using the stories that make us uncomfortable or unsure, to teach us and our kids.

A story about conflict is not one we typically put out of a hat to point our children to Christ. The Lord reminded me that night that He brings good out of all things, even when we can’t quite see it. That reminder turned into a lesson I will not soon forget. Who knows if my son will remember it, but continuing to point back to the Word for how others handled situations is what I know God has called us to do as we disciple our sons. God promises His Word does not come back void and I know He will call it to mind in the lives of our boys when they it most.

Prayer for the Day

Lord, help us to use Your Word, putting You first in our home. Give us the verses our sons need to equip them with the knowledge in how to handle situations. Give us the courage to use the Word in ways that is out of our comfort zone. Give us eyes to see our sons as You see them. Thank you for the gift of Your Word. Amen.

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