I have always believed that morning prayer and spending time in your Bible before you do anything is a big deal. I’ve been taught that’s how you should start your day–in the Word of God. I still believe it.
We usually have a busy morning planned out, with errands or play dates or chores. Everyday seems like we hit the ground running. Before you know it, it’s nap time and then Pete’s coming home and good golly, where has the day gone?! And I haven’t even spent a second in the Bible.

By the time a mini crisis arises, I feel compelled to pray about it, but guilty too because I haven’t even bothered spending any time with God. The vicious cycle continues until I find myself so far from God that I don’t even know where I’m standing.

hebrews 4:16It’s scary actually. It’s easy to get here and it’s even easier to stay here.

When I get in that place where the guilt overwhelms, I think about my son and his future amd how that guilt just doesn’t have any place here.

One second, one prayer, one verse.

I need to downsize my idea of morning time, or morning prayer.

I need to set realistic goals for a busy mom raising babies. Maybe you do too.

I have to believe God isn’t about numbers, but the effort we put into our relationship with Him. He honors humility and he just wants us to seek him.

If I want my son to have any kind of relationship with our Heavenly Father, I need to be that example. I am preaching to myself here.

I read on a billboard the other day, “If you want your life to change, your habits have to change first”.


There it is.

Maybe it isn’t about starting out my day by waking up early, but instead opening my Bible for a few minutes while the coffee is brewing. Maybe it’s listening to a podcast. Or singing hymnals.

I have a four year old son. He has a big sister in Heaven and he asks very big questions now that he is starting to understand more about the cross, where Heaven is, and where Jesus is. I feel like this is wide opportunity to share the gospel with him. The questions are becoming so big and I often feel so inadequate answering them without the Lord’s guidance.

I also know that some of my first memories were around four years old. He is going to remember a lot of what I say and do. And that folks, scares me to death.

But more than that, it motivates me to get real about being consistent in my walk with God.