I love the Christmas Season. The decorations, the cheer, the Christmas music on the radio…they all provoke a sense of excitement and anticipation of the holiday to come. However, the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur as we’ve found ourselves in the middle of a flurry of activities, end of semester exams and pressing work responsibilities. Our family has increasingly felt the pressure of all this busyness setting in – to the point where this week started with the sad realization that we had no Christmas tree set up, no presents bought and no cards mailed out!

Although we had not meant to, we found ourselves missing out on what really matters – the gift of a moment.

When we realized we’d been feeling a bit lost and disconnected from the season and each other, we decided to spend the rest of December slowing down and, most importantly, finding ways to make moments a gift using these guidelines:

Find ways to seek out the special in the ordinary

My son came up with a simple and sweet way to bless teachers and neighbors in a way that was meaningful but wholly ordinary. He carefully selected cookies and candy we could make, shopped for the ingredients, picked out just the right packaging, and spent hours with me in the kitchen turning all of these things into gifts filled with love and care.

Start each day with hopeful anticipation

Every morning my son and I would spend time together reading daily scriptures and stories for Advent celebrating the story of Jesus’s birth. As my son gets older, this time with him has become so precious to me. I love the intent focus on his face and the questions he asks me as he learns the power of scripture for himself.

Constantly seek God’s presence in everyday life

Each evening my son and I would talk about people we could specifically pray over. He would bring up a friend who was upset at school, the cashier at the grocery store who seemed overwhelmed, the lady buying gifts that seemed stressed. This constant outward focus towards how to love others in the midst of their struggles is a beautiful gift I cherish.

It’s moments like these that create a legacy, that give our children a sense of tradition, and that pours over into others’ lives as we love and serve them well.

Question: What are some favorite moments you’ve shared with your son(s) this Christmas Season?