MOB Dec 13

MOB Dec 13

It was going to be a cold week (for us) in Alabama and I sensed some movies and popcorn were in our future this week. I added a movie to our growing cart at Costco (it multiplies like rabbits, right?!) and headed to check out. That night, snuggled under blankets and with bowls of popcorn, we watched how Santa felt he wasn’t needed and what a year without him was like. A year without his gifts and abilities, his gift to the world.

This time of year can be hard. We look at the past months, even the next few days, and can be overwhelmed. You may even want to bow out of being present this coming year.

You may be tired, weary, and want to crawl back in bed right now. Did you know that you are a critical piece to your family, friends, even your neighborhood? You are needed and valued. You are here for a great purpose and matter to the boys you raise and the generations that follow them. You have gifts and abilities that no one else has. God has made you to parent your boys like no other mom on this earth. No one greets the lady at the grocery store register like you. Your family and the world around you need you and the gifts you bring, this coming year.

You matter and are needed. We can’t do without you this year. What you bring to the table matters to us and changes us for the better. No defense is needed for your seat at the table. You have been invited by the One who holds the feast, not by those who serve there. I pray this week, that you can celebrate the birth of Jesus and your children. That He will give you glimpses of Himself in seconds that pass by, familiar smells that trigger memories, and sense of His presence.

Just like the world needed Santa Claus, we need you. You are a gift!

Kristi Griem, Freeset