Welcome to Guest Post Month at The MOB Society! Today’s post comes from Alecia Simersky, a Southerner by nature, gypsy by marriage, and author of the blog There’s Something Different. Please welcome her!

My little boy is nine. He’s full of hope and promise and lives to please. He’s a perfectionist by nature, and takes his school work and baseball very serious. He likes that he’s good at most things, and learns things easily. I like that too, because it makes parenting him a breeze. But I wonder about the kind of man he will grow into.

Will the pride of his performance and accomplishments hold him back from fully growing into the man God has called him to be? He has a kind heart and a sensitive spirit. He looks out for others and helps those who are weaker. But will this continue?


I pray he has the faith of David to turn to his Heavenly Father when the promises of this world lose their shine.

As I’ve sought and prayed, the Lord has laid a few things on my heart regarding this desire to raise a man of God:

1. Strong Work Ethic– Our boys need to work, and household/yard work chores are great practice. Boys need to learn early the value of hard work and earning money. If there is a video game or special treat that they want they should earn the money and pay for it. We want them to have what others have and to feel like they are just like everyone else. But we cannot do so at the expense of our wallets and their work ethic.

2. Respect– Respect is a big one for a man, but also a young boy. Don’t forget, they learn by watching. Show respect in how you speak and treat them. Character is more important than anything he could do on a sports field or in a classroom. Teaching them to be respectful to you helps set the foundation of respectful behavior toward themselves and others.

3. Actively Listen – Engage your boys when they speak. Really sit down and look them in the eyes and let them know that what they say matters. Kids are smart, intuitive and they will talk if they think they have someone who will listen and take them seriously.

4. Touch – Hug and kiss often. There is this stigma that boys don’t need to be hugged and kissed or cuddled like girls do. I think for some, yes. But do not be afraid to be affectionate with your son. With your hands on his cheeks look him in the eyes and tell him you love him. Let him know he is special and wonderfully made just the way he his.

 5. Affirm – When he does a good job, tell him! Don’t just assume he knows. If you caught him being nice let him know you saw and appreciate the kindness he showed when no one was looking. Affirm the unique person God made him to be. Touch can be affirming as well. A pat on the back can go a long way.

6. Legacy Minded – What spiritual or personal legacy will you leave your children? Talk to your child about your faith, your struggles, your fears and failures. Of course use discernment, but don’t make your faith private. They need to see that you aren’t perfect, and you don’t have all of the answers.

What do think? I know there are more that could be added to this list. What would you add? I would love to know!


IMG_3133-Alecia HeadshotAlecia is a Southerner by birth (and grace) and gypsy by marriage (she’s moved seven times in the last 13 years). Alecia has a heart to encourage others to get off the rocky shore of self-doubt and sail into the life Christ has waiting for them. She is quiet by nature, introverted, quirky, and fiercely loyal. (She becomes Mama Bear when someone messes with her people.) She will share her heart, story, struggles, and her pain — just don’t ask her to share her chocolate! You can connect with her at her blog There’s Something Different , Twitteror Facebook.

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