This week we welcome Lynn Cowell. Lynn is a national conference speaker who is passionate about helping women of all ages understand the importance of Christ confidence. She is the author of several books including Make Your Move: Finding Unshakable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures.

Biggest Takeaways

Parenting books give you a formula to follow and tell you if you take these steps, your kids will turn out ok. But what they never told us is that little people have free will.

When you’re on your knees crying out to God on behalf of your kids, you need to say, “I trust you. This is not the end of the story.”

The fallacy being passed around is that God won’t give us more than we can handle. That isn’t anywhere in the Bible! My experience is that God continually gives me more. It creates dependence on Him. I am desperate for Him and interact with Him all day long.

We have to learn when to wait, when to move, and when to get out of God’s way.

It’s great that we read what other people write about the Bible, but God wants to speak through His Word to you. He wants you to open the pages.

We have to know God’s Word for ourselves.

Don’t Miss This:

Brooke and Erin start off talking about the snow at Brooke’s house and Erin shares some of her favorite things right now: Holiday Joy essential oil and the flannel candle from White Barn.

With 27:46 left, Erin and Brooke pray and welcome our guest, Lynn Cowell. 

With 25:25 left, Lynn introduces herself and talks about her family.

With 23 minutes left, Lynn shares how she overcame one of her greatest fears.

With 20:23 left, Brooke asks Lynn to share about a time she knew her confidence couldn’t come from within. It needed to come from a bigger source.

With 17:45 left, Erin asks Lynn to describe biblical, godly confidence.

With 14:20 left, Erin says it’s easier to trust God with big things than with little things. Lynn shares how to trust Him more in our small, everyday moments. She takes us to the stories of Abigail and Rahab.

With 10 minutes left, Brooke asks Lynn to share why she chose lesser-known stories from the Bible to be examples for us.

With 4 minutes left, Lynn shares what she would want the coming generation to know about having unshakable confidence.

Kick off your 2018 with confidence that can’t be moved and will never run out! Grab a copy of Lynn’s book, Make Your Move: Finding Unshakable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures, right away!