It’s August and it’s time to start thinking about school! It’s a tough time to get back into the swing of things for all of us—moms included! This year, we’ll have one in public school and one homeschooling, but these all apply to either one!

10 Ways to Get Ready to Head Back to School

I’ve got 10 ways to get ready to head back to school:

1. Bedtime

Your kids need to get to bed (as much as possible) at the same time every night. Set a bedtime and stick to it. Our kids’ school recommends (in elementary school) that they get to bed no later than 8 PM. We try to take their advice and get the younger ones to bed by then. Everyone is happier when they get enough sleep.

2. Set clocks

Get your clocks set—alarm for mom and kids—the night before and practice waking up at the regular school time at least one week before school starts so your kids can handle it the first day, or week. Mom, the best thing you can do is get up before your kids. If you wait until the kids have to get up each morning, you’ll be behind yourself. Make it a habit to get up at least a half hour before the kids so you can help them get moving in the morning. Maybe you work out, read your Bible, or just spend a few quiet moments alone without kids—it’s the best thing you can do! This means momma needs to have a set bedtime too.

3. Lunches

Have a plan for kids’ lunches. If you decide that making everything on Sunday night works best for you, or making up small baggies full of crackers and snacks to quickly pop in their lunches, do that. But, have your system figured out and tweak it as you get going.

4. A little shopping

Be sure to find what school supplies your school and kids’ grades require. If you can get a list a week or two before school starts, you can be ahead of the game. If not, check to see what supplies you have and make a list.

5. Schedule

Have a morning schedule (like this one) to help your kids get everything done they need before school.

6. Special place for homework/school supplies

Whether your kids do homework at their desks or at the kitchen table, have a place set up with the school supplies so that doesn’t become a reason they can’t get going after school.

8. Practice

Spend the week before school starts, or at least a few days before, practicing the morning routine. If you wait until the morning of school, you could have trouble or not get out the door in time!

9. Plan ahead

Write down a plan for the kids to do chores and when. Make a routine for the morning and keep it in their rooms behind their doors and in the kitchen pantry or command center.

9. Label

Be sure you label any and everything you send to school with your kids: jacket, backpacks, lunch bags, shoes, school supplies! Stuff gets lost, so it helps when it’s labeled to minimize the chances of losing it forever!

10. Setting up

When you have things set up the night before, the morning runs much smoother. Have kids check the weather for the next morning and pick out their clothes so there isn’t that to contend with in the morning.

What organizational tips work for your family?