Today Erin, Home with the Boys and Brook McGlothlin talk about how we need to raise kids who choose Christ over the culture. But what do those kids look like? Listen in to hear personal stories, encouragement and prayers straight from the book of Daniel to pray over your kids to choose Christ.

Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

Our role as a parent is to keep an honest and open relationship, not one of shame.

Give your kids lots of grace as they are on their own journey to develop characteristic trait of Christ.

Join us in praying through Daniel in our Spring Edition Pray the Word Journal


Check out these highlights:

Welcome. Today’s topic: Kids Choosing a Christ over Culture

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{15:00} Prayers for Nebraska flooding

{17:00} Introduction to today’s topic

{23:00} #1 Character Trait: Respectfully decline things that dishonor the Lord. Daniel 1:8

{28:20} #2 Character Trait: Hearts that are quick to confess sin. Daniel 9:3

{33:00} #3 Character Trait: Faithful in prayer and will ask for prayer when needed. Daniel 2:17

{36:00} #4 Character Trait: Hearts of humility. Daniel 10:12

{45:00} #5 Character Trait: Set apart and lived with integrity. Daniel 1:17

{48:00} #6 Character Trait: Be a true ambassador for God. Daniel 2:46-47

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