Today Erin, Home with the Boys and Brook McGlothlin are hosting two special guests who have much to offer on the topic of maintaining influence in the lives of their kids. Teri Lynn Underwood, author of Praying for Girls and Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of It’s All Under Control join in the insightful conversation today that you don’t want to miss!

Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

It is completely normal for boys and girls to begin caring more about what their friends and peers think of them once they hit middle school. But it can be frustrating and dangerous so we must be intentional about maintaining influence.

Trust that the Holy Spirt will speak to and convict your kids. You are not their Holy Spirit.

You can’t be all things to your kids. That’s God’s role and He’s best at it.


Check out these highlights:

Welcome. Today’s topic: Maintaining influence in the lives of your kids

{10:10} Welcome Teri Lynn Underwood and Jennifer Dukes Lee

{18:30} What are some practical and intentional steps to keep the spot of main influence in your kids’ lives?

{19:30} #1 Don’t keep score at half time.

{23:00} #2 Practice humility in front of your kids. Be quick to apologize when you mess up.

{27:20} #3 Be transparent about learning alongside them.

{28:30} #4 Serve Jesus and others with your kids.

{34:00} #5 Make an effort to care about what they care about.

{37:40} #6 Allow your kids some space to have influence over their own circle of friends and choose to get to know their people.

{40:00} #7 Accept that your kids are different than you and be respectful of their differences.

{47:15} #8 Make sure your kids know you are 100% on their team at all times.

{48:45} What to do if you feel beyond the point of being an influence?

  • Continue to be faithful in the process, having an eternal perspective.
  • Don’t give up. Keep doing the work.
  • Remember God made you the parent, to be the parent. Make the tough choices that parents have to make. Be a parent, not a friend.

{53:10} Our guests and Brooke and Erin share what they are currently praying for their own kids.

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