Oh boy moms, how we love to connect with you in all areas of boy raising! And that’s why we’ve decided to take our sister site, Raising Hearty Boys, and bring it on over to this space for all to enjoy!
We started Raising Hearty Boys earlier this year after hearing questions and comments like this from many of you…

“How do I keep my boys’ stomachs full? They are ALWAYS hungry!”

“They have so much energy! What activities could I use to help them get some energy out?”

“I need healthy meal and snack ideas for my sons!”

“My son just wants to sit on the couch and play video games. How can I get him to be more active?”

We’re going to be here every Friday trying to answer some of those questions for you! We’ve felt like these are topics every boy mom has an interest in and we have great writers lined up to share their food and fitness ideas for your growing boys!

Fit + Fed Fridays Intro

So welcome to Fit + Fed Fridays! We’ll see you back here next week with our first fabulous post!

What questions do you have about feeding your boys and keeping them fit that we could work to answer in these Friday posts?

You can let us know in the comments or email us at themobsociety at gmail dot com with the subject “Fit + Fed!”