A few weeks ago, I sent an email to some of you asking you to describe to me your two biggest challenges in raising hard-to-handle boys. Over and over again, the same two themes rose to the top of your comments:

  1. How to help other people handle your hard-to-handle boys.
  2. How to keep from losing it when your boys don’t obey.

As I was sifting through the hundreds of responses, and saw those recurring themes emerge, I smiled because I can talk about those two issues! MAN, can I talk about those two issues (more than I’m proud of, actually).

Here’s the truth: those aren’t just your issues. They’ve been mine (and are still sometimes mine) too. In fact, I’m willing to bet those are the top two issues of most moms of hard-to-handle boys.

If that describes you the way I think it does, you’re in luck! I created an 3-part video series that addresses those exact questions, and you can get them absolutely free! My gift to you!

Take less than 20 minutes our of your day and watch Video #1, How to Help Others Handle Your Hard-to-Handle Boys, by clicking here. Videos #2 and #3 will release over the next few days!

Don’t miss out!