Maddie burst through the kitchen door and nearly knocked her mom over with excitement!

“Mom, you won’t believe what just happened on the bus after school! John asked me to be his girlfriend! I can’t wait to tell him yes! Wait, I can tell him yes, right?”

Anne took a step back away from her work, and inhaled deeply throwing up a silent prayer for help. She’d known this day was coming. Maddie was a beautiful girl with a big heart and a loving personality. Most of the other kids her age had already taken their first steps into the “dating” scene, and while it was hard to believe she was anything other than the precious baby Anne had brought home from the hospital, when she really looked, a young girl stood before her. A young girl who would one day be a woman and was quickly developing her own likes and dislikes. Anne prayed again knowing her answer was important.

“Maddie, it’s no surprise to me that John likes you. You’re an amazing young woman. Who wouldn’t want to be your boyfriend! Give me and Dad time to talk it over and pray about it, and we’ll give you an answer as soon as we can.”

Sigh. Right?

If you’ve been a mom for any length of time at all, you know questions like Maddie’s arise every single day that can influence the future path of your child’s life. That’s no easy burden to bear…downright overwhelming when you stop to think about it. How in the world are we supposed to know how to make the right decisions for our kids?

Like Anne in the story above, the best thing we can do is slow down and think it through keeping the message of the Gospel at the center of our process.

Gospel-Centered Moms

It sounds good…like something we should want to be if we’re Christian moms, but what does it really look like to keep our focus on the Gospel as we make daily decisions that affect our families?

  • When your daughter comes home with a crush for the first time, how can you be a Gospel-centered mom?
  • When your son wants to watch that movie you feel isn’t quite right, but all of his friends really have seen it, how can you make a decision for him that’s Gospel-centered?
  • When your tweenager is being bullied at school, how can you help her in a way that puts the Gospel at the center of your choices?
  • When your teen son is making decisions you know aren’t right for him, how can you reach him with a message of hope that only the Gospel brings?

These are the kinds of questions Gospel-Centered moms ask on a regular basis, and in my brand new, free 5-day devotional, I’m going to break down the process I call The #GospelMom Method, or learning to “Gospel Yourself” in every circumstance.

In it, I’ll lead you through the actual questions I ask myself as my husband and I make decisions—big and small—for our sons.

Just to make it more fun, I’ve created the (completely fictional) story of Anne that will be ongoing throughout our five days together. Anne is in the middle of making big decisions for her 14 year old daughter, Maddie (yes, I know this is a website for moms of boys, but the #GospelMom Method is for everyone!). We’ll apply the method to them as a family, and hopefully you’ll be able to see yourself in them as we go through the week!

There’s no age limit to this method. It’s for everyone—boy, girl, mom, dad—anyone who desires to live a life that honors God and keeps the Gospel at the forefront of all they do can benefit and use it on a daily basis.

The #GospelMom Devotional Series begins July 24th and ends July 28th. Get signed up now and tell all your mom friends to join you!


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