Over the last month, we spent an incredible amount of time grabbing pieces of God’s heart for mothers of hard-to-handle boys, and began the process of learning to fight FOR them instead of against them.

Today's the last day to sign up for Fight Like a Boy Mom. We'd love for you to join us!

We’ve chosen a verse to pray for 2017.

We’ve learned what to do when we’re mad at God for giving us hard boys.

We’ve learned how to help other people handle our hard-to-handle boys.

We’ve learned what to do when we feel alone, and like we’re too weak to fight.

We’ve learned how to keep from losing it when our sons won’t obey.

We’ve learned how to be our son’s home base.

We’ve learned what God could do if we thought motherhood was worth the fight.

We learned a little bit about fighting for our ADHD boys.

We’ve learned why having a hard boy sometimes makes us feel like a bad mom.

We’ve learned the story of a mom who failing her boys…me.

And all this has brought us to the close of our theme for this month and the close of registration for our Fight Like a Boymom Program. Today (2/1/17) is the last day to register. We’ll close up shop around midnight tonight EST, and soon, we’ll be enjoying our time with the brave moms who have decided to fight with us.

We hope that’s you!

Click here to get registered.