(Note: The product below is advertised as homeschool curriculum, but if you’re not a homeschooling family, this product is still for you. I know lots of families who public or private school educate, and supplement their children’s education with Christian resources at home. Really, it’s the perfect choice for “any” schooler!
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My youngest son struggles with fine motor skills.

He’s fantastic at sports…one of those kids whose body just gets what he’s supposed to do in pretty much every sport…but he stinks at writing.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 4.40.20 PM

(“Sultan of Swat, King of Crush, Colossus of Clout, the Great Bambino!” Extra points today if you tell me the name of the movie this line is from in the comments!)

I mean, he REALLY stinks at writing. Throughout his kindergarten and first grade years the mere mention of the word, “writing” reduced us to fits of snotty tears. I say “us” because his antics to avoid writing often brought tears to my eyes, too. I fought this battle bravely until a friend I trust, who happens to have raised six boys pretty well, told me to back off.

So I did. Completely.

Instead of having him write his alphabet, we spent a lot of time identifying letters and just learning to read. When he wrote, I tried not to criticize. As long as I could read it, it passed.

Now, at almost eight years old, his fine motor skills have improved tremendously, so we’re dipping our toes in once again. He’s a great reader (not that he likes it, that’s another post), and with the help of some great products from some great friends, he’s making significant progress.

We’ve gone back to the beginning, and it’s working!

Teach your child to write while focusing on God's Word!

When I heard about this new resource from our friends at Intoxicated On Life, I knew it was the right fit for my little guy.

Write Through the Bible, Junior is a new interdisciplinary study you can use to teach your young child to write while focusing on God’s word. This curriculum, geared towards 4-6 year olds, is a full-year curriculum, but—like us—you can use it for older children, starting in the middle of the year, too!

A review of the new Write Through the Bible Jr. Curriculum!

(In the photos above, in order from left to right, you can see the front of the new WTTB Jr, my son’s “A” page—this is SUCH a huge win for us. I wish I had a picture of how bad it once was—a snapshot of week 1’s assignments, WTTB’s width in comparison to some of my other favorite curricula, and the back cover copy. Guys, this is a meaty program, and well worth the price! Read more below).

A Curriculum for Busy Moms

With Write Through the Bible, Junior,  you can complete several subjects at once. This curriculum will allow you to teach your child to write, discuss new vocabulary words, dig deep into the Word of God, and memorize a long passage of scripture together.

Not only that, but there is virtually no preparation! There aren’t any involved crafts that take weird supplies—the non-crafty mom’s dream! Everything you need for this curriculum you probably already have at home.


This program was designed to incorporate several subjects in one. Below are a few things your child will learn as they work through this book:

  • Improve fine motor coordination
  • Learn letter sounds
  • Learn how to form letter
  • Memorize Philippians 2:1-18
  • Learn new vocabulary words
  • Study Philippians 2:1-18 and learn what it means to have a heart of humility.

In addition, this full-year program is very affordable costing just $17 for the digital download or $27 for the softcover book. It comes with lots of options, offering you various Bible translations and fonts to choose from. My family chose the soft cover copy, ESV version, using ball-and-stick, because we like having a physical product, and my boys have been using ball-and-stick from the beginning. I’m an ESV lover, so it was an easy choice!

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You’ll receive all of these bonuses after purchasing the digital download for just $17 or the softcover book for only $27. Grab your copy today and get started, or tuck it away as part of next year’s curriculum!

*Thanks to Intoxicated On Life for providing a free softcover copy of Write Through the Bible, Junior to me. Of course, all opinions are 100% my own, and 100% true according to my family’s experience!