Have you ever had coffee with an old friend you haven’t seen in a few years?
As you sip your caramel mocha and catch up you realize that some of the stories have a familiar ring, and leave you thinking, “I remember that about her.” Others, because of space and time, are brand new, and prove a maturity in her that’s come from living a full life in pursuit of Jesus.

When you leave, you realize you’re filled to overflowing with a renewed hope in the God who meets you in the mess.

When Stacey Thacker and I wrote the very first Hope for the Weary Mom, on the pages of this blog and that, we had no idea that we’d care for its message for over three years…that the message would grow and mature…and that in the end, it would (in many ways) motivate the living of two lives bent on somehow bringing glory to God in the midst of messy motherhood.

Hope had its birth in our hearts and yours three years ago, and yet the issue of needing hope, of crying out to the Lord to just. get. us. through. is one as old as time, and as long as time. Weariness will invade mothers’ lives and hearts as long as there are mothers. But Jesus died so we could choose hope (<<—Tweet That).

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The NEW Hope for the Weary Mom releases from Harvest House Publishers in February 2015, and we’re looking for an army of moms who feel a burden from the Lord to #choosehope and #sharehope so another mom can #embracehope. You don’t have to be a blogger, or only a boymom, or anything other than the extraordinary mom you are to join the team. All we ask is that you have a passion to see other moms find the hope of Jesus, and a burning desire to see moms find the freedom that theirs in Him.

Being a part of the launch team comes with special perks, like:

  • Sneak peaks at exclusive content from the new book (we’ll send chapter one to you right away!)
  • Special gifts from me and Stacey.
  • Discounts and first dibs on related material.
  • A special teleconference where you get to ask us any question on your heart.
  • And other, top-secret bonuses we’ll surprise you with along the way.

It’s going to be loads of fun, and we’ll be so very grateful for your passion and drive to see moms choose hope!

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(Please remember to follow any directions that come in an immediate email, or you may not be included in the group. We don’t want that to happen!).

Note: There will not be anything to do before Christmas except pray for the launch and the moms who will read the book.

Thank you for giving us your trust, friends. We believe this Hope is the best yet, and can’t wait to see how God uses it in your hearts!