Dear precious boy-mama,
First, let me say I stand in awe of you and I think you’re a rockstar! Your patience and fortitude, consistency and determination are a joy to behold. I am so thankful to know you are living your days with conviction and purpose and raising the men who will one day impact the world. Mama, I’m thankful for you!

When I was your age, I had one little girl and my heart yearned for more, especially a son, but God had a different plan for me and my husband. We struggled for years with infertility and failed adoptions. Now our girl is all grown up and she’s given us two adorable grandchildren. The firstborn is a boy, just turned four and the second is a girl, two.  And let me tell you, the difference between them blows my mind!

Holy tornado Batman!! The mess one little boy can make is astounding, the tantrums epic, the noise earsplitting! The love and snuggles, however warm my heart more than just about anything else!

When I found out I had a grandson, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t ‘get’ boys. Their world and ways were utterly foreign to me, but the moment I held my grandson in my arms, my heart became completely, utterly his. He’s opened something profound in me which only grows and deepens as the years pass.


I never had the privilege of being a boy-mom but I’m beyond blessed to be a boy grandma and I think I ‘get’ boys a little better now! I have an idea just how hard it is to raise a son in this crazy mixed up world we call home.

Boys want to get right in the dirt, splash in every puddle, pick up every dead, gross thing (to ‘show mommy’) and explore every nook and cranny everywhere they go. And let’s not forget shenanigans like picking the gum off the bottom of a table in a restaurant and tasting it.

Girls are more dainty. They don’t have the capacity to pee anywhere they want anytime and don’t delight in bodily noises quite as enthusiastically as boys. They’re content having a tea party or playing quietly with dolls versus the boys who want to jump off the couch, sword in hand, superhero cape firmly attached to their shoulders!

Girls want to be princesses.

Boys want to be pirates.

I get it and I love it!

As a grandmother, I have the privilege of simply enjoying my grandson. I love to let his imagination take flight and I’m delighted to adventure with him in the backyard. Whether it’s a sword fight with light sabers or hitting golf balls in the yard, building giant forts out of blankets or playing make believe with costumes and props, I’m all in.

Little boys still believe in magic.

in superheroes,

in Mommy and Daddy as the greatest, best-est friends.

But I see the backstory too–the mountains of laundry, the daily mess, the discipline needed to harness all that creative energy, the teaching and modeling necessary to take a little rambunctious four year old and consistently guide him along the path  to Christ and turning him into a man who can impact the world for God.

As I watch my daughter raise her son I stand in awe. Not because she’s doing it perfectly. (She’s not and she’d be the first one to tell you.) No, it’s because she’s consistent and she’s driven by love. She’s building his future day by day and year by year.

I know you’re doing the same. You’re building your boys into men who have the capacity to change the world.

Do you have any idea how valuable you are? Do you even have a clue, as you fold pile after endless pile of laundry, how good a job you’re doing? I can see how hard it is to mother a boy; especially in a world that undermines and emasculates men at every turn.

Mama, I’m thankful for you. Your steadfast love, your determination, consistency, conviction and willingness to stand in the gap for a generation of boys who the Devil is doing all he can to destroy.

Your sons are the ones who will stand up for Christ as the world grows dark. They will be the ones shining His light because you stood your ground day after day.

So, in a season of thankfulness, I thank God for you and encourage you in this: your work has eternal value. It has eternal impact and though the days are long and hard and you can’t see it over the mountains of laundry, one day you will and it will be everything you ever dreamed.

So hang in there sweet mama.

How can I pray for you? It would be my honor.