I’ve always known memorizing scripture was right up there on the list of what good Christians should do. 

Go to church.

Read the Bible.


Memorize scripture.

It was part of the top four for sure.

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And for me, going to church was no problem. Consistent Bible reading and prayer were more of a challenge. But memorizing scripture was just plain hard, if not next to impossible for me. In fact, scripture memory seemed like something only super-Christians did.

I remember my college years, how I used to study for hours and then finally take the test, only to promptly forget almost all of it as fast as one could turn a light off.

And this is the challenge whenever we try to memorize anything: How do we remember? How do we get it to stick?

Two years ago I began a large memory project to memorize the sermon on the mount. I learned verses and wrote about what I’d been learning. But then half way through that project I fell behind. I got discouraged. And I quit.

But failure is never final unless you quit trying. So the next year I joined a group of in-real-life friends who committed to memorize three chapters in the book of Romans over the course of the next year. It was called  The Romans Project.

And just over two months ago, we completed and recited that project.

And I must say, memorizing God’s Word one week at a time has changed me, much more than I’d anticipated.

It’s refocused me.

Grounded me in truth.

And brought my heart much comfort on many hard days.

It’s a habit that’s only a few years old to me. One I would have never believed was even possible for me. But one that finds me with God’s Word wherever I go, in whatever situation I face.

What you know by heart, is what your heart really knows. 
~Ann Voskamp

As I consider abiding and growing in Christ, I want my heart to know what matters most.

And I want that for you too.

Scripture memory is not just for a super Christian, it gives Christians a super strength. [Tweet that]

Memorizing is simply us, planting God’s Word in our hearts one verse at a time. 

It’s us, learning to capture idle time and use it for something eternal.

It’s us, choosing to fix our minds on things above and internalize His Word.

Scripture memory is our answer for every situation. Our strength for any storm. [Tweet that]

And this year I’ll be doing memory work each week in James, with my local memory group, and in #theJesusproject (Part 1 and Part 2) with Ann Voskamp and her community.

And I’d love if you’d consider joining us.

I made a video with five tips for you. May you be encouraged today!


 Five Tips to Make Memorizing Scripture Doable

{View this video HERE}

Five Tips to Memorize Scripture

1. Decide that it matters.

2. Remove distractions.

3. Make a plan.

4. Practice daily.

5. Find accountability.

James Memory Printables
The Jesus Project Printables
The Value of Memorizing Scripture, by John Piper
Lord Jesus, give us the strength and determination to spend time hiding your Word in our hearts, that we might be strengthened and encouraged by the power of your Word working in and through us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Is memorization hard for you too?

What scripture have you memorized before?

Any tips?



 Jacque Watkins is a mercy lover, and champion of second chances, who knows God’s mercy can find you too.