Are you a woman who prays?
Do you long for more intimate communication with the Father?

Do you know you need to spend more time talking with God, but need help doing it?

Allow me to introduce a new space on the web just for you.

Meet Million Praying Women.

Encouraging women in ever-deepening communication with their Maker

A few months ago, my friend Lara Williams announced this new space, and I contacted her immediately to see how I could help. Something about the title just drew me in, and I knew I needed to be a part of what God was doing through Lara’s obedience.

The mission for Million Praying Women (MPW) is fairly simple, but so deeply profound:

To encourage women in ever-deepening communication with their Maker, as an overflow of worship.

Here’s a quote from the MPW About Page:

“I know what you may be thinking. “A million?! A million women praying?!” It sounds unbelievable, unreachable, unreasonable, doesn’t it. But the God of the universe does wild things like parting waters and raising dead people…and drawing a million women into his throne room to commune with him, to intercede for the broken, and to call forth his kingdom onto this earth. Oh that image is breathtaking.”

Isn’t it? Doesn’t it take your breath away to think about a million women, joined together in prayer? It might even start a revival in our time.

The MPW site is launching today, and I don’t want you to miss it. So head over to the site now to learn more about what God’s doing in this sacred space.