A few months ago we did a survey on the MOB Society Facebook page and asked this question:

How many of you feel like a failure as a mom sometimes? Why?

Close to 1000 of you raised your hands, and we heard you loud and clear. But your responses to the “why” part of that question blew us away, and made it clear to us that we needed to spend some time addressing the causes of mommy guilt, and just why we’re so prone to feelings of failure.

What better time to tackle this important subject than the first month of a new year?

The entire month of January 2014, the MOB Society (for mothers of boys) will be offering hope for the messiness of motherhood as they address real reader's feelings of failure as a mom. Join us!

Beginning January 2nd, 2014, we’ll start a new series at the MOB Society that answers our readers very real feelings of failure as a mom. We’re calling it Hope for the Messiness of Motherhood.

Friends, these questions, these emotions we’ll tackle, these feelings of complete and utter failure as a mom…they’re real. And they’re based on the comments you left us that day on our Facebook page, and the emails you sent because it hurt too much to say it publicly.

We’ll start off each day with a “Dear MOB Society” question (again, they’re real, friends…straight from your heart to our page), and our writers, who have all experienced the same fears and failures themselves, will bring you specific hope and encouragement that lives well, and is highly applicable to your life.

We’re so excited about this series, because our hearts are to bring you hope and help you find delight in the chaos of raising boys.

If delight is something you feel like you could use a little more of, this is the series for you. Join us January 2nd. 

Day 1 – When Divorce Makes You Feel Like a Failure

Day 2 – When Mom Gets So Angry

Day 3 – When You Have Nothing Left for Your Husband

Day 4 – When You Feel Like You’re Failing at Life

Day 5 – When You Can’t Stop Worrying

Day 6 – When You Failed to Protect Him 

Day 7 – Discipline and Love

Day 8 – Working Mom Guilt

Day 9 – Dear Embarrassed Mom

Day 10 – When All You Want to Do is Protect Your Boys

Day 11 – When You Feel Like a Failure Because of Your Son’s Choices

Day 12 – When You’re Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Day 13 – When Your Son Has an Educational Delay

Day 14 – When You’re Worn Out and Weary

Day 15 – When You Need Be More Flexible

Day 16 – When You Can’t Get Your Kids to Obey

Day 17 – When Your Son’s ADHD is Out of Control


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