It happened every Sunday.
Yep. Every single Sunday I’d walk through those church doors and immediately begin to feel this sense of guilt take over. I’d listened to a close friend describe her missionary work, only to feel embarrassed for not doing the same. I’d hear of a couple’s plans to adopt a child, and wondered why my heart wasn’t there as well. I’d watch volunteer after volunteer become the hands and feet of Jesus right in front of my very eyes…and then I’d struggle with my own calling, purpose, and place. I just couldn’t help but grow restless from my inactivity within my church family.

I felt useless.

How many of you have found yourselves in the middle of your Sunday service feeling slightly inadequate, unsure of your place in the Body

Moms, how many of you have felt like this? How many of you have found yourselves in the middle of your Sunday service feeling slightly inadequate, unsure of your place in the Body, and a little panic-stricken as to what’s supposed to take place next?

when everyone seems to be serving…but you

It’s easy to compare, isn’t it? It’s so simple to look at other parishioners, friends, and members within the church and think; All of these people are serving. All of these Christians are doing their part…all of them except for me.

Believe me when I tell you that you’re not alone in your feelings, your thoughts, or your guilt.

I’ve been there too! In fact, at times I still struggle to compare my calling with that of another. But you know what I’ve realized, friends? God’s got you in the exact spot He wants you to be right now. There’s no denying that He’s got a plan for you, and those gifts He ‘s provided you with. Those blessings He’s bestowed will be used when He’s ready and in His own timing.

Don’t think for a moment that He doesn’t have a calling for you, a place, a path. Even when He’s quiet, and in those times where everything seems awkwardly still, He’s moving…He’s always moving.

So be patient, mamas–pray often, and wait for His cue. Encourage your friends in their own ministries and know that your path, while different from others, is just that: unique, different, God-given…and all yours.

 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. –Ephesians 2:10 (ESV)

Question: Have you ever felt like you’re not doing enough in the body of Christ?

Mom's Mission Minute at the MOB Society





Tuimaini International Ministries

You see them on the television, you hear about their stories, and you’re well aware of their plight, but do most of us realize what the country of Africa is up against as far as battling the AIDS epidemic? Are all of us truly familiar with the devastation and loss this has caused to so many of its youngest citizens? Tumaini International is a Christian-based, Grassroots organization that specifically services (as in provides schooling, biblical education, medical services, and overall aid) to orphans who have had one or both parents pass away from AIDS. Many of these children are HIV+ themselves and in desperate need of medicine, education, and hope.

Friends, there is so much pain in this country, so much loss. But there is something that can be done. My family and I recently adopted this beautiful ten year-old boy named Munywah.


Both of his parents have passed and he currently lives with his grandmother. Because of God’s provision and our family’s decision, this sweet boy can now attend school, a privilege afforded to so very few. It gives me great honor to do so, and it fills my heart with joy to know that we can put a smile on the face of a young man who has been through so much.



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