Author: Kristina.Tanner

On This Day

Deborah.  Sarah.  Susan.  Hannah.  Abigail. This list could be the names of your neighbors or the women on the snack rotation at school.  Prevalent first names that don’t decry importance or scream “look at me”.  What if I told...

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Don’t Freak Out

The status quo and I are well-acquainted.  You could call us besties.  I like to know what’s next and prefer that it look as much like the past as it possibly can.  Predictability is my other bestie.  The only predictable thing...

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Man Up: Ask Questions

I waited with a worried heart and a furrowed brow for my parents to come and say goodnight. Usually it was a quick prayer and quick “Love you, goodnight!” but tonight I had something to tell them that had been burning a...

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THE MOB SOCIETY IS NOW MILLION PRAYING MOMS! For close to 10 years, Erin Mohring and Brooke McGlothlin served mothers of boys, helping them raise godly men in a world that constantly fights against this calling. In 2019, they followed the Lord in creating a brand new online space for moms called Million Praying Moms. To those who have followed The MOB Society for any length of time this will come as no surprise, as the foundation of MOB has always been one of prayer. Read more here!

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