Meet The Team! at The MOB Society

Welcome to our video series, Meet The Team! Each day this month, we want to introduce you to one of our incredible writers from The MOB Society in the hopes that you’ll get to know them better, see the face and voice behind the words on the screen, and give them a chance to share their heart for equipping and encouraging BoyMoms just like you!



Today, we’d like to introduce you to Nathan Clarkson — Nathan (maybe better known as son of popular author, Sally Clarkson) is an energetic, passionate, out-of-the-box young man. Nathan doesn’t idle well and to this day has trouble sitting still. He grew up in a family that valued God and excellence and Nathan caught the vision for using his gifts for God. He is an actor, singer, and writer who has a passion for bringing a light to a dark world. He now lives in crazy Los Angeles and when he is not writing music or auditioning for a new roll, he is writing and aiming to encourage people through his book Wisdom Chasers. Nathan is all boy, and has a heart to minister to young men, showing them what an amazing life in pursuit of God can look like. In writing for The MOB Society, Nathan hopes to give BoyMoms a little insight into the inner works of what it’s like to be a boy and show them the world through the eyes of their sons.

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