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I am becoming a student of my sons.

As they grow older, I find myself equally baffled and fascinated by them. Having had no brothers, every step in this boy mom journey is a completely new one. I can choose to be frustrated and flounder through, but that hasn’t worked well for me so far. And I could choose to read a bunch of parenting books telling me what to do with my kids, but those books don’t always “fit” my style, my sons, my situation.

So I’m choosing to watch. And pray. A lot.

I want to notice the way God intricately and perfectly designed each of my three boys. I need Him to reveal to me the characteristics and giftings He placed inside of them that are to be used for His glory. I want to know what makes each of them unique and I’m starting to discover those things…


Big J shows great compassion for younger children. He is creative and social like me, but is a planner and desires structure like his father. And like both of us, he is very passionate.


Little J has been dramatic since birth, which makes him hilarious and strong-willed at the same time. He memorizes things quickly and easily and loves telling others about what he has learned.


Double J is showing us new layers of his personality every day, but we already see lots of humor and independence in everything he does.

Seeing these things, writing them down, studying these boys makes me want to know them better and I want THEM to also know how unique they are. I’m not about empty flattery and boosting pride, but when I see something unique and special in my boys that can be used for the kingdom of God, I am sure to discuss it with them! I think Big J is getting a little suspicious of all the questions I’ve been asking him lately, but our good friends at DaySpring have made it more fun for the boys and I to discover their uniqueness!

We’ve told you before about the UNEEK line from DaySpring – fun, creative creatures with stories and personalities that make them stand out from everyone else. Wally, Splat, Mustachio, and the whole plush UNEEK gang have become best buddies with all three boys. I think they have all of the information on their profile cards completely memorized! And those fun profiles are a great way for me to find out more about my own kids!

  • Mustachio’s biggest fears are rattlesnakes and ping-pong balls. What are your fears?
  • Wally’s secret talent is ventriloquism! What are you good at that nobody else knows you can do?
  • Dweeber’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 66:1. What Bible verse do you love?

And now there is an app for that! Oh yes, the UNEEKS app became a FAST favorite around our home with the same great characters and fun games to play!


But my favorite part is where the kids can make up their own UNEEK profile! This is where they show me what they think of themselves and I’m loving it! And they love that they are “starring” in an app! Here’s a little video about the app you’ll love:

Ok, so more fun UNEEK news! The product line online has been expanded to include great stickers and cards, a make-your-own UNEEK reusable sticker set {my boys love this!}, wristbands to share with friends, and pillow plushes!

Before this week, the only place you could buy UNEEKS merchandise was online, but not anymore! UNEEKS can now be found at WalMart and Hobby Lobby! We want to show these stores how much we appreciate them carrying these fun toys and products with a great message, so head out to your local store to get your own UNEEK items for your kids!

Last fun announcement for the day…

We’re having a Twitter chat this afternoon and talking about the uniqueness of our sons! This is sponsored by DaySpring and the UNEEK line, so we’ll be giving away some fun UNEEK prizes! Join us at 3pm EST by following and tweeting to @boyraisers and using the hashtag #boymomchat! We hope to see you there!

And tell us in the comments…


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