One of the hardest things for me to do is find time to work on myself.
As a mom, wife, daughter, blogger, writer, entrepreneur, friend, sister in Christ (and on and on), finding time to spend on bettering my relationship with Christ is hard won. But as I like to tell my sons, “I know it’s hard. Do it anyway.”

Did you know that THE best way you can invest in your sons is to invest in yourself?

let God change you

I don’t mean taking a personal spa day once a week (although let’s be honest, that would be nice), or even scheduling a regular date night with your husband (although that would be fantastic, too). Those things bring joy, release, and peace in and of themselves, but what I’m talking about goes much, much deeper.

It’s called putting God first in your own life.

It’s an intentional, passionate pursuit of knowing God better—one of the best gifts we can ever give our kids—and it’s the theme of the summer here at the MOB Society blog.

We’re excited to bring you a series that has the potential to radically change the tone and undercurrent of your home, friends, so make sure you’re subscribed now, so you don’t miss out. Consider this the hub for all posts in the series. We’ll come back and add them as we go.

Looking forward to going deeper in Christ with each of you!

Day One: The Unsexy Secret to Putting God First

Day Two: My Bare Foot, Cat Vomit, and a Revelation

Day Three: It Starts With Me (Putting God First in Your Own Life)

Day Four: Organic Mentoring

Day Five: Five Ways to Be a Heart Sister

Day Six: Toss the Checklist

Day Seven: From a Mom that Talks, to a Mom Who Does

Day Eight: Don’t Freak Out

Day Nine: Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind

Day Ten: Five Tips for Memorizing Scripture

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