My boys are ten and twelve years old, and they love sports. Football, basketball, baseball…all the traditional sports…you name it, they love to play it.

Actually, they just love being active. My youngest taught himself how to do a round-off back handspring in my living room by watching an approved YouTube video. Seriously, I probably need to get him in a gymnastics program before he breaks his neck!

As a mom who values natural methods of healthcare (not that I don’t take my kids to the doctor. I do. Just that I prefer the natural route when I can take it), I’ve learned that essential oils are a perfect compliment to busy, athletic boys (and girls)!

Here are some of my favorite ways to use them!

1. Minor Skin Irritations

Let’s face it. If you’re an athletic boy, accidents will happen. We recently spent the night at the ER because my youngest son (seeing a pattern here??) cracked his head wide open. He had been told NOT to slide down the railing, but, of course, did it anyway, fell, and landed on concrete. Can you say “two staples in the head?” Yep.

Of course, we were quick to let the doctor help us through that crazy night, but other times the results are much less of an emergency. It’s good to know that most common kinds of skin irritations caused by an active lifestyle can be cared for at home.

For example:

  • Lavender is super soothing when applied to the skin (dilute first for children).
  • A combination of lavender, frankincense, and melaleuca mixed with fractionated coconut oil in a small spray bottle can be perfect way to calm the skin after a tumble on pavement.
  • When the boys get in to weeds they should stay away from, doTERRA’s Elevation blend helps comfort their skin.
  • doTERRA’s Purify can help soothe away irritations from pesky bug bites.

2. Occasional Aches and Pains

  • Our boys both enjoy pitching. During the first few practices of baseball season this year, it was still quite cold at night, so my husband layered Deep Blue Rub, on their pitching arms, and made them wear long sleeves. This blend is a powerful way to massage away minor aches and pains, and support muscle function.
  • To help massage muscles after a game, try layering lemongrass under the Deep Blue Rub.

3. Bugs

I don’t like putting bug sprays on my children’s skin. I’ve read too many reports on the negative side effects of the DEET in them, so I choose to cover their skin with TerraShield instead.

4. Respiratory Health

If you’re like me (and the rest of my family) you sometimes wake up stuffy. For those early morning games, use a drop of Breathe to help “open things up!”

5. Queasie Tummies

If your boys get a case of the nerves before a big game, or ate too much of the wrong kind of food while on the road, peppermint can help alleviate occasional stomach upset. We also love to diffuse in our car on the way to the game. I’ve found a combo of Wild Orange and Spearmint helps relax everyone and get our minds focused on doing our best!

6. Seasonal Discomforts

Rub lemon, lavender, and peppermint on the bottoms of feet to help provide seasonal relief…much needed when spending lots of time outdoors. Put a couple of drops of lemon oil in your glass water bottle to provide a natural cleanse or soothe an irritated throat.

7. Promote Healthy Skin

Melaleuca can help soothe minor skin irritations and promotes a clear, healthy complexion (great to use before you apply your makeup, or after your boy washes his face before the game).

8. Support His Immune System

If your kiddos are six and over, have them take an On Guard beadlet with breakfast every day to support healthy immune function and protect against environmental threats that may be present in other members of the team (If not, simply rub some on the bottoms of his feet).

9. Keep Fresh Breath!

Need to freshen your breath while you’re at the game? Let a peppermint beadlet pop in your mouth!

10. Fight the Funk

Baseball/Football/Soccer cleats smell like something curled up and died in there? Purify eradicates unpleasant odors and clears the air.

Bonus for Mom!

Need to keep yourself from losing it during the excitement of the game? Serenity promotes calming, relaxation, lessons tension, and calms emotions (yes please!).

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Brooke McGlothlin