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Fighting for Those Hard-to-Handle Boys.

I know raising your hard-to-handle (H2H) boys can feel like an insurmountable task…like some great fire-breathing dragon you’re powerless to control on your own.

But there’s good news. You’re not alone!

I’ve cowered, collapsed, hidden, and shook in terror over the beastly boys in my home. It feels absolutely crazy to me that two humans could cause me such grief, but then that’s part of the problem, right? Their very nature makes me feel out of control, because they are, in fact, harder to control than most boys.

But I’ve learned this: Moms are stronger, and better able to fight when we’re in the battle together.

Raising H2H boys can feel like fighting a fire-breathing dragon with only a pile of sticks and some lighter fluid.

You and me? We’re each other’s people. Who knows better about the great dragon we call hard-to-handle boys than we do? Who knows about the blood, sweat, and tears we’ve poured into these boys than us? And who needs encouragement to get in the game and stay the course more than you and me?

That’s why I really don’t want you to miss out on my free video series called Fighting for Those Hard-to-Handle Boys.

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Without leaving your home, become a better mom - one who understands how to fight for the heart of her son.