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Program Dates

Pre-launch videos begin 1/12/17

Video #1 (How to help others handle your hard-to-handle boys) – 1/12/17

Video #2 (How to keep from losing it when your boys won’t obey) – 1/17/17

Video #2 (How to Know Which Behaviors are Ok and Which Aren’t – Sales Video/Open Cart) – 1/19/17

Open Cart – 1/19/17 – 2/1/17

Close Cart – 2/1/17

Self-Study Access – 2/2/17

Group Study Begins – 2/6/17


Pre-Launch Video Graphics

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Program Videos

(Please do not ever share these publicly. They’re for your viewing only. Password is H2H2017. Case sensitive).

Pre-Launch Videos


(releasing 1/12/17)

How to Help Other People Handle Your Hard-To-Handle Boys

(releasing 1/12/17)

How to Keep from Losing it When Your Sons Won’t Obey

(releasing 1/17/17)

How to Know Which Behaviors are OK and Which Aren’t (Sales/Open Cart Video)

(releasing 1/19/17)

FLABM Program Modules

Welcome to the Program

(releasing 2/1/17)

Module 1 (What Did I Do to Deserve Hard-to-Handle Boys?)

(releasing 2/2/17)

Module 2 (Understanding Your Hard-to-Handle Boy)

(releasing 2/2/17)

Module 3 (How to Show Actionable, Tangible Love to Your Hard-to-Handle Boys)

(releasing 2/2/17)

Module 4 (Teaching Your Boys How to Fight for Themselves)

(releasing 2/2/17)

Expert Interviews – Coming Soon

(Released throughout the program. Please check back often).

What to do when things go wrong  – David Thomas

Exchanging parents angry reactions for gentle, biblical responses – Amber Lia and Wendy Speake

Why a grace-filled approach to parenting can work for H2H boys – Jeannie Cunnion

When your teenager is STILL H2H – Monica Swanson

Safeguarding your marriage in an H2H home – Ashley and Dave Willis

Promoting healthy sibling relationships in an H2H home – Kim Sorgius

Tackling “the talk” with H2H boys – Luke and Trisha Gilkerson