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Here at The MOB Society, our mission is to equip and encourage parents to raise godly men.

As a community of BoyMoms, we're learning to delight in the chaos of raising boys along the journey! To read more about our story and the heart behind our ministry, and to meet our co-founders, Brooke and Erin, and the rest of the team, follow the links below.

God hasn’t asked us to win the battle for the hearts of our sons, only to fight faithfully. And the best way to fight is on our knees.

The BoyRaiser Tribe is designed to teach and equip you to make prayer a practical priority. You can impact your son’s life in about five minutes a day.

We’ll show you how.

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There’s More Than Just Now

"You guys are driving me CRAZY!" I said, just a few minutes ago, and probably every day so far this summer. I don't know why my boys are wired to disagree with each other, but there's no doubt they are. If one wants to play outside, you can bet your life the other...

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Has Your Teen Gone Crazy?

He sat across from me at the restaurant, having just ordered a man-sized burger, extra-large fries, and a paradise iced tea. His legs stretched long and awkward, bumping me unintentionally with extreme force. It was as though he didn’t have control over his own...

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A Summer Moment for Mom

You need those, you know, Mom. Just a moment here and there. So take one or two. The problem is, when I have one of those moments, I begin to try to figure out what God is doing. Maybe God has given Jason that artistic ability so he will one day…  Why in the world is...

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Hope for the Weary Mom