Need hope? Mentoring? Wisdom? Meet the Titus 2 Team!

We know so many of you are just out there in cyber land, desperately needing an older mama to come alongside you and help you figure out how to love your husband well, serve your children, and take care of the responsibilities that come along with being a woman.

It’s a noble, good desire, but there’s only one problem…

There’s seems to be a shortage of real Titus Two women in the church.

At least those who are willing to share their lives with those of us in the throes of young motherhood.

A couple of months ago, the Lord began encouraging me to develop a team of Titus Two moms to share with you here at the MOB Society. I’m so excited to let you know that on the first Saturday of each month, our new Titus Two Team will be sharing their hearts with you, answering your specific questions about being a godly wife and mother!

Titus 2 Team

Each week, we’ll post an opportunity for you to leave your questions for the team on our Facebook page. Our Titus Two coordinator, Gina Smith, will pick one for the month and each of the team members will offer up some wisdom to help answer it.

Welcome to Titus Two Saturdays at the MOB Society!

This Month’s Question:

“I’m a mom of four sons and find it so hard to have quiet time with God in the morning. It’s when I prefer to meet with Him and dive into my Bible, but I’m now embracing this season and realize that I need to seek time with God whenever I can grab it. I would love to hear what works for you and will you share any resources you use to help you stay close to the Lord all day long?”

Gina Smith

I’ve never been a morning person, but I especially wasn’t a morning person when my children were young and keeping me so busy. I did try to get up many mornings, even if the time I spent in the Word was cut short. I felt like it helped me to prepare for the day, but there were times that it just didn’t happen. I found that there were other ways to accomplish what needed to be done. I believe there is grace given as you adjust to your needs and your family’s needs.

Spread devotional books and Bibles around the house! In the bathroom, in the kitchen on the counter, in the living room, by our bed. Have them close by so you can grab them when you have little blocks of time to read. Just that short, simple Scripture meditation helps to put your mind on Christ.

Another practical thing that I have known many young moms to do is require their children to have an hour of quiet time in the afternoon. My children spent time by themselves in their rooms and were allowed to listen to a tape, read books, or play quietly. Sometimes they would end up taking a nap. It gave me an opportunity to spend some uninterrupted time in the Word

Remember that we do not need to live under a cloud of condemnation or guilt. When God looks at us, He sees what Christ did on the cross and sees us as acceptable. God is not in heaven looking down at us with His mental check list, tabulating the amount of time we spend in a “quiet time”. As we nurture our relationship with Him in all the wonderful ways that a person can nurture a relationship, we are able to know Him and see Him more clearly.

Nurturing a relationship with God can be a natural thing as we go about our day…reading His Word, praying, and listening to Bible based worship music. God meets us through out the day as we fellowship with Him. He will give you truth and encouragement even when your time with Him isn’t what you might want it to be.

Kate Battestelli

Here’s the thing. God doesn’t really care when we pray but He does care that we pray! There’s no hard and fast rule saying you must be up early for God to pay attention to you. Whenever is perfectly fine with Him because He knows. He is aware you’re a mom. He understands the season you’re in and though it would be nice to have that quiet time in the morning it’s just not always feasible, especially with children in the house.

Your priority right now is your boys so grab those moments with the Lord when you can. Believe me, you’ll have plenty of quiet mornings when they’re grown and gone!

One thing you might consider is to keep worship music playing quietly during the day. It sets an atmosphere of praise and will remind you of His presence during the day. He hears every whispered prayer, even the harried and hurried ones!

My best advice is simply pray whenever you can. In the carpool line, making lunches in the morning, folding endless laundry, whenever. You don’t have to rise with the dawn and have perfect silence and beautiful music and a lit candle to worship God. He knows. Do it when you can but do it because wherever you do it, He’s there.

Julie Sanders

Being in that very place taught me how to make quiet time “mobile.” Instead of putting devotional tools by my bedside, I put them in a bag and take them with me. Look for quiet pieces of your day in quiet places of your day and make the most of those opportunities. Instead of feeling like it’s second best, I’ve learned to walk out my mothering day with the Lord in every part of it, meeting with Him in the car line, during my boy’s music lesson, or over a cup of coffee in between destinations.

With an audio CD in my bag, I’ve even redeemed time en route. Making quiet time gear something I take along expanded my devotions to sweet the discovery of spending all of my day with Jesus. I’m less likely to leave Him behind in the morning and more likely to do all of my day with Him!

Jan Skaggs

How the Lord must smile over you—a mom of 4 boys whose heart’s desire is to spend time in God’s Word! And a mom who realizes that seasons come and go and you must adapt to each season. Such wisdom!

Here are some things that work for me:

  •  remember, God will honor your desire to spend time with him.
  • finding quiet time is a challenge regardless of the season of life. There’s always competition for our hearts, minds and time. You have lots of sisters in the boat with you!
  • pray that the Lord will show you the time—he’s creative! Watch for it. And it may be different each day.
  • let yourself off the hook—focus on the time you have, not the time you don’t.
  • bite off small pieces of the Word, chew slowly.
  • use your daily routine as a prompt—e.g. when I’m in town, I use stop lights to pray and meditate on the Scripture I’ve read lately. With four boys, each load of laundry may serve the same function. Don’t add an extra—use something that is already in your life.
  • find the beauty that speaks to you and spend time in or around it during the day. (Praise music re-focuses me–especially in traffic!–and feeds my soul.)
  • before you roll out of bed, thank God for a new day.
  • last thing before you sleep, thank God for his faithfulness and think of the thing you were most grateful for and the thing you were least grateful for during the day (helps you see how God is at work in your life).

 God, who began a good work in you, will complete it!

How do YOU find time time alone with God? Share what works for you in the comments!

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Biblical Womanhood: God’s Light in Her

She was a beautiful girl. Sweet, charming, easy to talk to, enthusiastic about life, raised in a Christian home.

She always had a boy on her arm, in a sweet way. This was not surprising, as she was kind and respectful, genuinely interested in others.

The more I got to know her, the more I saw the continual presence of a boyfriend as a red flag, for that was where she found her identity.

-If our boys

Identity is a complicated concept. How do we teach our sons to see identity as a crucial piece of Biblical womanhood?

I believe that begins early, with their concept of who they are.

How we build an understanding of identity in Christ?

  • As infants and toddlers, we sing to them of the Father who loves them—for who they are.
  • As preschoolers, we reinforce His unconditional love as we mirror it, loving and forgiving even as we disciple them.
  • When they’re elementary aged, we encourage their creativity, their talents, their “bent” – not stereotyping or expecting them to fit in our mold.
  • When they hit the teen years, we model trust as we let them exercise their God-given abilities and try their wings, always reminding them of the Father’s love.

If our boys know Whose they are, they’ll be more likely to look for a spouse whose identity is as grounded as theirs.

How do we underscore that every day?

  • We model what we know in our hearts to be true—that we are women of God first, called to be wives and mothers second.
  • We cherish the marriage we have, putting it before the boys. Loving their dad and showing it, making time for the one God gave us to begin this family.
  • We nourish the God-given dreams of our hearts, not neglecting the talents God has given us but using them for His glory.
  • We show our boys that we’re more than moms, we’re daughters of the King.

We strive to give our sons a true picture of a Christ-centered identity.

Seems like a big responsibility, modeling all of that for our sons.

But we don’t really DO it. God does it through us when we’re yielded to Him.

So go back to Him. And keep going back.

He’s always there, as constant as the sun. And if we stay close, we’ll reflect Him to our boys.

Today’s prayer:

As my son searches for a spouse, may God’s light in her will shine through…and catch his eye.

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Giving Him the Freedom to Lead

It’s a word we do not like to hear. We don’t even really like to say it. This word has been twisted and misconstrued, abused and misused, and in its place we’re left with a shell of truth, hollow and difficult to grasp.


submission kelli (1)

We cringe when we hear a woman speak of submission. We’ve defined it as weakness, as being steamrolled, disregarded, unheard or less important. But what would it look like if we were to step back from what society has told us of submission, and we were to look at what God tells us of submission?

What is biblical submission?

Let’s start by coming to an understanding of what submission is not. Submission is not weakness. Submission is not allowing someone to control or rule over you. Those are not biblical examples of submission, and I am in no way condoning or promoting that kind of marriage.

When Paul urged the wives in Ephesus to submit to their husbands, he commanded that they do so as to the Lord. He then went on to make it clear to the men that they were to submit to Christ, so that they could be free to lead their families. What is so often overlooked when we quote this verse in Ephesians is the fact that the command for wives to submit to their husbands is one short verse.

The command that God gives to the men?  It is 9 verses long.

As I pray over my future daughters in law, I pray they will have an understanding of what true, biblical submission looks like. I pray that they won’t be afraid of the word or the concept, but that they will be able to grasp the freedom that comes with letting their husbands do the leading.

As for my sons, I have several methods for teaching and training them to be strong leaders so that one day they will have the confidence to step into the role of authority in their homes:

  • Each day, I do my very best to model submission to my children. I try hard to speak respectfully to their father, even when I disagree with him. I let them see their dad make decisions, and I ask for his input in front of them. I don’t always do this well, and I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is my daily goal to let them see their father lead.
  • I point my children to their father. I point them to him for spiritual guidance, for instruction, and for encouragement. Naturally, I offer all of those things as well. My husband travels often, so I am home alone with my children more than he is. But when he is home, he is in charge. He answers the questions. He reads the scriptures. He does the disciplining, and he showers them with attention.
  • As our first born gets older, we give him more opportunity to serve, both inside the home and outside. We are working to teach our boys that leadership is service, and with authority comes responsibility.
  • I pray for them every day. I pray that they would know and believe that the calling God has given them as men is hard, but that God has equipped them with all they need to be able to one day love their wives as Christ loved the church.

Today’s Prayer:

Lord, give us the wisdom and grace to help point our boys to you so that they will grow into authentic, godly men who love their wives just as you love the church.

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if you want to show the world you’re a #HopeWarrior

Last week we introduced you to this lovely necklace from Origami Owl, and challenged you to be a #HopeWarrior—fighting for hope with everything you have.

This idea of being a Hope Warrior has so pierced our hearts, that we decided to make it a kind of regular thing around here. Today, we’re excited to bring you this news:

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That’s right! Every single month one MOB Society newsletter subscriber will win a #HopeWarrior necklace from our friend, and Origami Owl consultant, Stephanie Mills!

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Seek Her Heart: A Letter to My Son (on girls)

My Dear Son,

 Lately, you’ve been at the forefront of my mind. In fact, you and your future are pretty much all I can think about. With each passing day, month, and year, I’m infinitely aware of how fast time is flying by–how quickly you’re growing up.

 And it’s hard.

 You’re my boy–the one I’m raising, the one I cry over, laugh with, love, and yes, worry about…which is why I feel the need to share something with you (before I forget).  

-Don't let the world fool you into

 Now, I know at this stage of the game, you’re not all that interested in the opposite sex…but the time is coming. I see it already. Like when the young ladies from down the street show up at our front door, unannounced. Or the way your female classmates say “hi,” as they pass by you at school. And even though I can’t help but smile each time one of these precious creatures approaches you, there’s something I want you to keep in mind as those not-too-distant days of dating (and eventually marriage) hurriedly make their way onto the horizon:

 Set your sights on her heart.

 Pretty soon you’ll be spending a lot of time thinking about girls. Undeniably, there will be a number of them vying for your attention too. But the woman you fall in love with? The one you want to spend the rest of your life with? Son, her beauty doesn’t reside in her appearance. It’s not in the warm smile she boasts, or the made-up face she wears. Her beauty dwells within. It’s the way she loves the Lord—and the way in which she’ll love you. It’s in her faith. It’s found in her heart.

 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. –Luke 12:34 (NIV)

So, don’t allow our culture or this world we’re living in tell you otherwise. Don’t let it fool you into thinking that a woman’s worth is in the way she dresses, the way her hair is styled, or how her body looks…because it’s a lie. However, a woman whose heart resides in Christ? That’s the girl you want. A woman who loves and fears the Lord? Son, she’ll love you as the Bible instructs her to–when the money is tight and the bills are big, when hardship is found, and when illness is present. Indeed, that’s the union you’re looking for–one that’s centered in Him.

 This season that’s approaching? The road that’s just ahead? I pray you’ll seek the Lord’s counsel…that you’ll remain in His word. And I pray that the girl whose heart you seek to win, will have an everlasting love for our Heavenly Father.

 Because it’s everything.

 All My Love,


Taking Action:

1. Point the Way

Everyday our boys are subjected to images (via media) focused heavily on the outward appearances of women. But as their moms, we’re not powerless in what they’re exposed to. We can teach them to appreciate modesty, just as we can coach them on what’s most important in a world that chooses to do the opposite.

2. Pray

No matter their age, we can pray for the future of our boys and those of the women they‘ll marry. We can ask our Heavenly Father to provide them with wisdom and discernment in the days ahead. Because God should know the sound of our voice, the bending of our knees, and the cries of our heart.

Pray with me?

Heavenly Father,

 We come to you today seeking wisdom for our sons. We pray for the hearts of the girls they’ll date, along with the wives they will one day take. Lord, help these children cling to your truths, remain obedient to your will, and honor your commands. Provide them with the inner strength they’ll need to avoid the pitfalls the enemy places in their path. And we pray for their hearts. Lord, keep their intentions pure and their sights set on you.

 We ask this in your Son’s name,  


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