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What Comes First – Calling or Gifting?

Welcome to Guest Post Month at The MOB Society! Today’s post is from Gina Smith, one of our newest contributors and author of the blog Real Life Titus Two! Please welcome her! You are a busy mom. Your days start early and, in order for you to have any “down time”, you often stay up late. You feed your children, bathe your children, change your children’s diapers, and do your children’s laundry. When (if) they nap, you’re busy cleaning the house, making or planning a meal, and sometimes even grabbing a nap for yourself. You drive your children to play groups, the library, soccer games, and friends homes. You’re busy…but sometimes you feel frustrated because you “aren’t doing anything”! As your life has slowly become immersed in mothering your children and keeping your home running , there can be a simmering desire to be involved in something bigger. To be out doing ministry, serving, and using your God given gifts and abilities. Being a mom will look different from on person to the next. Some home school, while others have children who are in school. Some of our husbands work from home, while others leave for the day. Some of us have babies or toddlers, while some have older children. It changes with each season of life. I had dreams of being married and living the kind of life...

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for the bloggers (join us for an #Allume meet-up!)

If you’re a boy mom who blogs, and you’re headed to the Allume blogging conference next week, make plans to join us for a MOB Society meet-up! Details: We have some fabulous prizes to give away, and a fun treat for those who join us at the meet-up. Things like: Jenny Sulpizio’s Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe The Austin Food Blogger’s Alliance Cookbook Kristin Schell’s The Schell Cafe Cookbook A Lisa Leonard original designed for the Life in Spite of Me kickstarter campaign (we’ll be talking more about this later!) Laura Groves’ I’m Outnumbered: One Mom’s Lessons in the...

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I Was Not Called to Raise Godly Children

As parents, we do not have the power to convert, save, sanctify, or make our children disciples of Jesus.   If we are not careful, we can fall into the false belief that our children’s futures as wise, godly adults rest solely on our shoulders.  Sadly, this mindset only sets us up for failure: if our children  “turn out well,“  we become prideful, take the credit,  and think we are the ones responsible for their success (and we look down on parents whose children are struggling).  If  our children stumble or do not follow God, we carry the burden of guilt on...

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Healthy Moms, Healthy Boys, Healthy Families!

This page includes affiliate links. When you purchase through them, we earn a commission that helps support this ministry at not extra cost to you. Thank you! Here at The MOB Society, we are about encouraging you building strong faith in God within yourself, your son, and your family. We also care greatly about taking care of the bodies God has given us to use for living out His purpose. We believe that a healthy mom sets a good example for her sons and for the family as a whole. Minding our health is good stewardship of the gifts...

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15 Creative Ways to Contain Your Boys’ Lego Collection

As a mom of one or more boys, you will likely encounter the craze of Legos. Legos are awesome! Legos entertain, spark imagination, leave trails of little, stabbing things all over you house, messes everywhere…well, let’s talk about containing Lego pieces and how we can not only contain the Lego mess, but actually get those boys to clean them up! There’s bound to be at least one of these ideas that you can use for your son’s Lego collection, since I’ve come up with 15 very, creative ways to contain all the Legos! 1. Basic, but functional you can organize your Lego pieces in a store-bought, plastic drawer unit. Sort by color and/or style. 2. If they love those mini-figures and want to display them but still use them, this creative shelving unit is perfect for just that! 3. An all-in-one book shelf can hold everything in just one area so that the mess stays {hopefully} in one part of your home instead of scattered everywhere. 4. Incorporate the design into their closet with a display shelf and bins to throw them all into. 5. I love the idea of using a tool box to contain the Legos by color – not only is it creative, but kinda manly too! 6. If you have a large, plastic, snack container you can make the cutest Lego storage box with a little...

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Three Ways to Tune Into Your Teenage Son

image source Dear Mom, When my son was young, I would think about the future and I often battled the fear of what might happen when he became a teenager. Do you ever feel that way? Knowing our relationship would change as he got older I was fearful of what it would turn into. Change was inevitable, but I didn’t want to lose the sweetness. Fear not! There is hope! One of the things I have worked hard to do is to nurture my relationship with him by connecting with him in any way possible.This connecting has looked different in each season, but here are just a few of the ways we’ve kept our relationship strong. Model Humility: Admit When You Are Wrong “Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience…” (Colossians 3:12) Beginning at a young age, my husband and I would regularly take the time to ask each child if there was anything that we were doing that bothered, hurt, or frustrated them. It often brought to light things that we didn’t realize we were doing. It gave us insight into where they were and how we could best encourage them. I remember clearly the day I sat with my then elementary school age son and asked him if there was anything I was doing or saying that...

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