Author: Wendy Speake

Summertime Blues

Dear summer, You started off strong, with lemonade stands and trips to the zoo. You showed off your stuff with perfect temperatures, plenty of playdates, and poolside popsicles. The kids all passed out early, drained from long, fun days. Well done, summer! You. Owned. June. Then along came July, with your soaring temperatures … and my short fuse got lit right about the fourth of July. What happened to this laid-back pool-side mama? What have you done to me? And why can’t I find anyone’s bathing suit bottoms and swim goggles? And why are the children fighting one another...

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Has Your Teen Gone Crazy?

He sat across from me at the restaurant, having just ordered a man-sized burger, extra-large fries, and a paradise iced tea. His legs stretched long and awkward, bumping me unintentionally with extreme force. It was as though he didn’t have control over his own muscles, limbs, or the disgruntled scowl that spread across his face multiple times each day, seemingly out of nowhere. I had said “no” to something, I don’t even remember what it was, and he let out a whine that reminded me of his most ornery toddler days—except he wasn’t a toddler anymore, but a teen....

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How to give God the first fruits of your day (when you don’t have any)

Of course I want to give the Lord the first fruits of my day! However, it seems that no matter how early I rise, the rest of my family senses my stirring and joins me in the new day—and not peacefully, mind you. With three strong-willed, muscular boys who wake up swinging, I often roll out of my covers and into the crossfire. Yes, in case you were wondering, it can be exhausting. I’m often reminded of the old adage: a mother’s job is from son up to son down. Which makes those precious quiet moments in bed, with the blankets...

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Parenting ADHD Boys

There are some conversations that must be spoken rather than typed. This is one of them. And so I invite you, like I would a true friend struggling under the weight of parenting a child with ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, ADD …  and all the other pesky diagnoses, to pull up a chair and sit with me eye to eye and knee to knee. Imagine us across a small table from one another, sipping chai lattes and sharing a pumpkin scone and a box of Kleenex. I love blogging, truly I do, there are so many posts that feel like conversations—topics we cover that would never have been discussed had a brave writer not hit publish! And yet, here today, I feel like words on a screen just won’t suffice. I need to give voice to this particular message, and I trust that at least one of you out there needs to hear it, from a friend. If your child’s challenges challenge you, lean in and hit play. I understand. This series on raising Hard to Handle boys has been one of the best the MOB Society has ever brought us (in my humble estimation) because there aren’t a lot of places for us to sit together and discuss the unique challenges of challenging little men! Our tendency, under pressure, is to lash back and fight back, but Brooke...

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The Gift of Love

I was young, very young, sitting in big church with my mom on Mother’s Day. The pastor had most assuredly waxed eloquent throughout the hour long message about love. Love was the best give a mom could give and love was all she desired in return—so much more than gifts. To sum up his point he came down from the platform into the aisle and asked various church members what they were giving their mom for Mother’s Day. “Love” they each replied, until he came to me with microphone extended. Blond curls and an upturned nose, big, brown expressive...

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