Author: Sandra Peoples

Twenty Unplugged Activities for Preteen Boys

We’re already at the point this summer of limiting screen time for our eleven year old. I want him to relax and do what he enjoys most, but I also want him outside and making memories this summer that  don’t have batteries or charger cords. We brainstormed together and came up with twenty unplugged activities he wants to try: Plant a garden Grill with Dad Have a water balloon fight Invent new popsicle flavors (or smoothie combinations) Plan and cook an entire meal on his own Go bowling Sign up for the library reading program Explore nearby state parks Research...

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#PlanBeSummer: Being Present with Our Boys

It’s May! Can you believe it? I’m busy buying end-of-the-year teacher gifts, filling out camp registration forms, and stocking up on higher SPF. But I don’t want my to do list to overshadow what’s truly important—being present with my boys. This year’s goal is to have a #PlanBeSummer. Be present. Be available. Be up for an adventure. Be aware of how fast the years speed by. This month on the site, our writers will share ideas for making travel easier, keeping our sensory seekers busy, and even how you can care for yourself so you can fully enjoy this...

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The Best of Being a Boy Mom: Seeing Him Develop His Own Interests

“Mini me” is a phrase people used to use when describing my son. We have a lot of similarities. We love to read. We have a cowlick in the same spot. We’re both allergic to corn. And we’d both rather spend a day at the beach than anywhere else. But recently he’s become less of a “mini me” and more himself, and watching him develop his own interests is the best part of being a boy mom in this preteen season! My husband and I are huge sports fans. If the TV is on, it’s probably on ESPN. And on...

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The Best of Being a Boy Mom

This month we’re going to have lots of fun on the blog talking about “The Best of Being a Boy Mom!” If you’ve ever felt the need to defend yourself when someone asks, “Are you hoping to have a girl some day?” “Are they always this loud?” “How do you keep up with all this chaos?” Then this month is for you! We’ll talk about our absolute favorite things about being a mom to boys and hopefully encourage each other to see the benefits of having boys! Why do you love being a boy mom? Let us know in the...

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Stress Less From Homework Time to Bedtime

When we asked what time of day is most stressful for you, we had so many responses about what’s commonly called the “witching hour”—that stretch between after school and before bed. Maybe at your house it’s at homework time. Maybe it’s when you’re trying to get dinner on the table (or out of the to go bags). Or maybe it’s a struggle to finally get everyone in bed so you can relax or get done what’s left on your to do list. Hopefully these suggestions will take the stress out of the stretch between the end of the school day...

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