Author: Sandra Peoples

Stress Less From Homework Time to Bedtime

When we asked what time of day is most stressful for you, we had so many responses about what’s commonly called the “witching hour”—that stretch between after school and before bed. Maybe at your house it’s at homework time. Maybe it’s when you’re trying to get dinner on the table (or out of the to go bags). Or maybe it’s a struggle to finally get everyone in bed so you can relax or get done what’s left on your to do list. Hopefully these suggestions will take the stress out of the stretch between the end of the school day...

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Our Best Solutions for Your Toughest Time of Day

Maybe it’s the morning rush to get out the door with homework folders signed, lunch boxes packed, and matching socks on their feet. Maybe it’s after lunch when he used to take a nap but now plays through your usual kid-free time. Maybe it’s getting everyone around the table to open their notebooks and laptops to start homeschool time. Or maybe it’s when you finally get to sit down with everyone else after making dinner and you hear, “This is yucky!” We all have a toughest time of day. That time we dread. We know it could be easier,...

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Helping Your Son by Knowing His Heart (a Christian Mom’s Perspective on the Enneagram)

Even from a very young age, my son David (now 11) has been dramatic, empathetic, and entertaining. “He’d make a great preacher, like his dad!” people would tell us after meeting him or seeing him perform on stage in a play without any stage fright. (He doesn’t even get the concept of stage fright—”It’s just people watching me act. What’s the big deal, Mom?”) But as he’s gotten older, we’ve noticed the flip side to some of these positive attributes. He’s dramatic, which is great for the stage, but harder when you hear, “This is the worst day ever!” at...

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New Series: How to Reach Your Son’s Heart

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. (Prov. 4:23, NIV)  In the month of February, our writers will share what we do to really get at the heart of our boys. From the heart can come negative actions (mean words, selfish decisions, apathy, or aggression). “All behavior is linked to attitudes of the heart. Therefore, discipline must address attitudes of the heart.” ― Tedd Tripp, Shepherding a Child’s Heart (affiliate link) But when we apply the gospel, there is forgiveness and freedom for our boys! “The one encouragement we can always give our children (and one another) is that God...

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Five More of Our Top Posts from 2016

Here are five more posts boy moms like you loved in 2016! Summer, Sons, and the Secret to Making It Great from Julie Sanders Summer is a season for a son to strengthen his mind, body, and spirit. If we don’t plan for our boy’s summer, we miss making the most of an opportunity for growth. A flexible, simple plan helps us engage our sons in a healthy way. Five Things I Want My Boys to Know about Forgiveness from Julie Kieras Learning these truths about forgiveness can help our boys learn to communicate well, with others and with God....

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