Author: Sandra Peoples

Get Away from Home to Connect with Your Teen Son

I remember when my son began high school thinking that life suddenly felt like paddling upstream. I watched as he went from a trusting, easy-going kid to an overwhelmed, slightly stressed, in-flux-kid. One minute he wanted to do everything on his own, the next minute he was frustrated that he had to, all while testing who he was supposed to be in this new world. And by the end of his first year and the approach of summer, all I could think was how I was going to get to know this “new guy” in my house? Before, all I...

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Days of Summer RESToration

I am a doer. I can fill every minute of the day with some chore or task that I deem important and leave no time for just good ole fun. Can you relate? When our schedule are full of practices, pool fun, trips, and having friends over, I am commanding them to get shoes on and GET IN THE CAR FOR GOODNESS SAKES. You know what I am talking about. We have all been there! After about a hundred reminders, we get in the car and try to redeem and remember that this was supposed to bring us joy...

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Make the Stories You Read Come to Life This Summer!

It was the only thing on our summer bucket-list that actually required a bucket, and it started on the banks of the Sugar Creek. Well, actually it started at bedtime when we hovered around a tiny little chapter book series called “The Sugar Creek Gang.” Originally published in 1940, this little gang of young boys adventure and learn together about life and faith. In one adventure the narrator described a meal they cooked in the ground. As I read aloud to my boys I thought, “Wow. That is strangely primitive. I wonder if it works.” They had dug a hole...

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Off the Grid: A Mom’s Tale of Walking Away from Electronics

It all started with a stress level that felt off the charts. At this time in my life I am juggling all the balls, spinning all the plates and literally feeling the weight of my world pressing down on me. Let me introduce myself before all the plates stop spinning! My name is Chrystan and I am a recovering electronic-aholic (maybe I made that word up). My husband and I live tucked away on 26 acres of lovely. This acreage is more than necessary, because just like you, I am a boymom. Three boys ranging in age from four...

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Sending Him off for His First Overnight Camp – #PlanBeSummer

My eleven year old is heading off to overnight church camp for the first time this year! I know he’s going to have a great time, but he tends to worry when facing the unknown. So we’re doing all we can to help him be comfortable and successful. Here’s the plan: We’ll pack his outfits in bags with the days labeled on them. He won’t run out of clothes this way, and hopefully he’ll remember to actually change his clothes each day. We’ll send snacks. David has a corn allergy and corn is a pretty tricky ingredient! (Think of everything that...

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