Author: Sandra Peoples

Off the Grid: A Mom’s Tale of Walking Away from Electronics

It all started with a stress level that felt off the charts. At this time in my life I am juggling all the balls, spinning all the plates and literally feeling the weight of my world pressing down on me. Let me introduce myself before all the plates stop spinning! My name is Chrystan and I am a recovering electronic-aholic (maybe I made that word up). My husband and I live tucked away on 26 acres of lovely. This acreage is more than necessary, because just like you, I am a boymom. Three boys ranging in age from four...

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Sending Him off for His First Overnight Camp – #PlanBeSummer

My eleven year old is heading off to overnight church camp for the first time this year! I know he’s going to have a great time, but he tends to worry when facing the unknown. So we’re doing all we can to help him be comfortable and successful. Here’s the plan: We’ll pack his outfits in bags with the days labeled on them. He won’t run out of clothes this way, and hopefully he’ll remember to actually change his clothes each day. We’ll send snacks. David has a corn allergy and corn is a pretty tricky ingredient! (Think of everything that...

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I Was Not Called to Raise Godly Children

As parents, we do not have the power to convert, save, sanctify, or make our children disciples of Jesus.   If we are not careful, we can fall into the false belief that our children’s futures as wise, godly adults rest solely on our shoulders.  Sadly, this mindset only sets us up for failure: if our children  “turn out well,“  we become prideful, take the credit,  and think we are the ones responsible for their success (and we look down on parents whose children are struggling).  If  our children stumble or do not follow God, we carry the burden of guilt on...

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A Heart Held Captive by Perfectionism

He had been working furiously, all the crayons splayed across the kitchen table, his tongue sticking out one side, brows furrowed, never slowing down to look up. He declared his masterpiece finished and marched on over to show me his latest depiction of the Titanic in all of its pre-sunken glory. How do you like my picture? He reviewed the details with me, ones that I would not have known to look for, like precisely four smokestacks atop the massive design. Every bit of it cautiously and accurately recreated, except for the lifeboats, he altered the number the ship...

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Five of Our Top Posts from 2016

This week we’re sharing our top posts from 2016! Here are five posts moms like you loved reading and sharing! Praying for Your Son’s Future Wife from Laura Lee Groves I know it seems oh-so-far away, but someday that little boy will walk down the aisle with a new bride on his arm. Do you pray for her? Five Bible Verses to Ground You in Your Purpose as a Mom from Julie Kieras Whether you arrived at motherhood willingly, or by surprise, God knows the plans He has for you. Amidst the swaying seas of daily life that tosses and...

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