Author: Michelle Krol

3 Intentional Ways to Strengthen the Mom-Son Bond

Big families can be so loudly beautiful, strength in numbers, a buddy at the ready for any adventure.  In the months leading up to our unexpected expansion from a family of three to seven, one of my most pressing concerns was having that individual time with each of my boys.  It was one of my first thoughts, how would I make them each feel special and loved? In truth, it was hard in those early years with a four-year-old, and infant quadruplet boys, and often I felt like I was failing by my own definition.  At the same time,...

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Helping Our Boys Remember Their Words Build Up or Tear Down Others

“I hate your son.”  The words cut right through the sunshine, splashing, and laughter.  Today was to be our day at the pool celebrating my oldest son on his birthday.  This year there would not be a big bash, his request was a chill day swimming with friends, dinner with family later, along with s’mores and sparklers as we mark every year.   The kind of perfect June summer day we long for wrapped up in birthday goodness. And here we stood with words that seemed to hang above us. A change in the sweet summer air.  An accused younger...

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