Author: Lauren Casper

I Am the Mother of a Tenderhearted Boy

Mareto was nearly five months old when he came home—a tiny, sick boy with wide open eyes and a brow that crinkled in concern, confusion, and occasional wonder. We asked his nannies in Ethiopia what they could tell us about him. They were, after all, the women who knew our son best. The nannies laughed and one of them gestured with her fingers over her eyebrows saying, “Mareto. Serious. Serious baby.” We laughed with the nannies and looked down at our son who was staring back at us with wide, somewhat confused, eyes. Over the last six years those...

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Sensory Friendly Outdoor Activities for Kids

My son, Mareto, can get a little nervous when he’s not safe and sound inside our home. While many boys might jump with excitement at the call to “go outside and play,” Mareto sometimes freezes with fear and uncertainty. The sun feels too bright, the sounds are overwhelming, and the grass can feel like needles on his feet and legs. For children with Sensory Processing Disorders, the outdoors can feel too big, too loud, too scary, and just too much. By accepting that he experiences the world through a different lens than we do, my husband and I have...

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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear (for us and our sons)

I started praying 1 John 4:18 before I even held my son in my arms. It was January 2011 and I was boarding the plane that would carry me and my husband across the ocean to a bustling city in Ethiopia. I hadn’t stepped onto a plane in years and was now forced to confront one of my deepest fears. Flying. As I buckled into my seat I listened intently as the flight attendant gave us the safety instructions. The plane began to taxi and sweat beads formed on my palms and brow. I tried to swallow back tears...

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