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First Things First: a life lesson in what matters

When his thighs were still fat loaves of bread and his curls were still wisps of afternoon clouds, I chose what was important. I put broccoli on his plate and a soccer ball on our porch. I stocked his shelf with classic titles and his closet with overalls. I decided what was offered in his multiple-choice world. But a boy’s world doesn’t stay that way. He was always destined for a Promised Land of endless variety at his fingertips. One day he would leave the stories of Eric Carle and write his own series out of my sight, if...

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How Gospel Moms Keep from Giving up

I took the only exit for miles and pulled off at an empty lot at the end of an empty road. It felt strangely comfortable, since I felt empty too. Every area of life was heavy, and I was driving to a meeting where I would be unsupported by someone I couldn’t trust. The combination of big decisions, unexpected loss, intense emotions, and daily pressures was taking a toll on my body, causing pain that made it hard to ignore the stress. I wanted to give up trying to be “more than a conqueror,” which didn’t feel at all...

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When Summer Loving Looks Like Launching Your Son

Warm air blew across the back yard announcing summer’s approach. Images stirred of sweet days when our once small boy ran from early to late and ended days dirty and satisfied. I smiled at the thought of the college semester coming to a close, returning our son to us for a different, but equally rich season. My heart ran ahead with hopeful plans for family adventures and vacation conversations. What could be better for a mom than having children close for the exhilarating days of summer? And then he called to ask if we would pray. He wanted to...

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The beautiful moment when boys become a safe place

The bars of the iron gate clanged against the wall around our yard. Jacob ran to the compound’s safety and through the open door where I stood. Breathless and trembling, he sputtered a story of narrow escape from attack. As newcomers in our foreign home, I had urged him outside to overcome language barriers and forge friendships. We were hopeful, until a neighbor boy wielded a metal pipe as a weapon, sending our son retreating. “It’s going to be okay son,” I assured him as I pressed his sweaty head against my waist, trying to believe it myself. We...

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How to Reach a Distant Heart

The day we walked across the sand, he gripped my hand so we could go together. My attention delighted him, and when he broke away, he called me close. His eyes met mine and we shared joy at shells, foam, and birds. In that day of sun and laughter, I didn’t imagine his heart could be pulled from mine. That growing up could take him away like a wave takes a shell and drags it under. I didn’t know how hard it would be to reach his heart when he drifts away. When a man-child is small, smelling of...

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