Author: Julie Kieras

Finding Quiet Rest When Your Kids Stop Napping

1 p.m. That lodestone house on the clock for this new mom. I felt myself mentally steering by this time, for this was when I put my two boys down for a nap and got a few moments to decompress! Oh, those quiet moments, when all I would hear was the creaks and sighs of the house settling and my babes resting! In those sleep-drained days, I needed this time to orient myself. When my sons started dropping their naps (my firstborn way too early!), I felt my lifeline slipping away! I personally need periods of mental rest built...

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Praying for My Boys’ Salvation

As a writer, you’d think I’d always have the words to say, especially when it comes to praying for my boys. Most days I am blessed with an overflow of words, but there are days when the need is so great or runs so deep that I am left speechless. Days when it hits me afresh that my boys need a Savior. Days when I’m reminded of how their little hearts need cleansing. Days when I weep, thinking how one day they’ll walk through this life without me … But then God whispers: They’ll have Me, if they’ll just...

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What We Know About Hope

Darkness pulled down her shade quickly in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Our family sat around the campfire, watching the sparks from the fire brighten as the dark shuttered the forest. A screech cut the blackness, sending my six-year-old skittering into my arms. “Hush … it’s only a barn owl, you know,” I comforted him. Suddenly, a chorus of owl hoots and cries surrounded us as news of the nightly hunt spread through the trees. My son continued to shake and cry with each owl call. I pulled him onto my lap. “There’s nothing to fear,” I said. “Tell...

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5 Bible Verses to Ground You In Your Purpose as a Mom

“I didn’t get anything done today!” I wail, surveying the dishes crusting over in the sink, the Legos crunching underfoot, and the blur of little boys buzzing airplanes by my face again and again. And dinner, still frozen on the counter. Too many times my husband has come home to this scene. “I didn’t get anything done” is my distress call as a mom, my SOS, a sign that I have lost my moorings. My husband has learned over the years to ask patiently, “Now slow down and tell me, what DID you get done?” And instead of letting...

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5 things I want my boys to know about forgiveness

I work to have lots of conversations throughout the day with my boys on various topics. My boys are quite verbal and enjoy most of our discussion. All the while, I’m mining their hearts to see what is being nurtured within. One practice I have is asking them to define words or concepts for me. “What is the sun?” “Where do we live?” “What does being frustrated mean? What does it look like?” The results can often be hilarious. Like: “Doctors can tell whether a baby is a boy or girl by looking at their faces.” More often, my sons’ answers are telling of their spiritual growth and awareness. I recently asked my six year old son what forgiveness meant. His circular definition: “It means we forgive the person who did bad, and tell them we aren’t mad.” I was pleased he understood what we do when we forgive. But I want him to understand forgiveness at a deeper level. To see the beautiful mirror: our forgiveness of others is merely a reflection of God’s love and forgiveness towards us. Forgiveness isn’t a blasé phrase we toss around to make problems disappear; forgiveness is a conscious decision we make time after four-hundred and ninetieth time. Here are five things I want my boys to know about biblical forgiveness: 1. Forgiveness is humbling. For God to offer us forgiveness, He...

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