Author: Julie Kieras

7 ways to love our beloved boys

“Mom!” my oldest pleaded, “You said you’d come see our experiment and you haven’t come yet!” He hopped from one foot to the other, anxious for me to check out the latest concoction in the bathroom that he and his younger brother label “experiments.” I cringed, knowing my delay due to a writing deadline was somewhat warranted, but little boys don’t understand deadlines or passage of time. And I haven’t quite mastered the art of creating definite work hours yet. I quickly triaged: saving my work, writing myself a note about where I’d left off, and scurried over to...

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Finding Holiness in Motherhood Days

My boys splashed happily in the bathtub, while I splashed vigorously with the bowl scrubber at the toilet. There I was, in the middle of multi-tasking genius. I mean, what better time to clean the bathroom then while the boys play with their bath toys? Suddenly, a thought tickled my brain: What if this is the last time they want to take a bath? They are getting older… you could be missing one of those “last times” and filling that space with… toilet cleaning?   I quieted my cleaning and hung up my gloves. Took a seat on the orange...

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Be Present with Your Boys by Being Outside with Them

Sunshine has a way of lifting our spirits like no cup of cocoa by the fire can do! Has it been a long winter for your family? Perhaps you feel a winter chill in your home and in the hearts of your children. You sense their spirits (or yours) distant from God, and a deserted space widening between you and your kids. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19 (ESV) As I read the words of Isaiah 43:19, I was...

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Finding Quiet Rest When Your Kids Stop Napping

1 p.m. That lodestone house on the clock for this new mom. I felt myself mentally steering by this time, for this was when I put my two boys down for a nap and got a few moments to decompress! Oh, those quiet moments, when all I would hear was the creaks and sighs of the house settling and my babes resting! In those sleep-drained days, I needed this time to orient myself. When my sons started dropping their naps (my firstborn way too early!), I felt my lifeline slipping away! I personally need periods of mental rest built...

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Praying for My Boys’ Salvation

As a writer, you’d think I’d always have the words to say, especially when it comes to praying for my boys. Most days I am blessed with an overflow of words, but there are days when the need is so great or runs so deep that I am left speechless. Days when it hits me afresh that my boys need a Savior. Days when I’m reminded of how their little hearts need cleansing. Days when I weep, thinking how one day they’ll walk through this life without me … But then God whispers: They’ll have Me, if they’ll just...

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