Author: Julie Brasington

Christ-Centered Valentine for Preschoolers – FREE Printable!

Hey MOB Society mamas! This is Julie from Happy Home Fairy.  I love sharing fun and simple ways to celebrate Jesus with our kiddos. It’s that time of year where my boys’ teachers are sending out notices for each of them to bring in Valentines for all of their classmates. I can’t think of a better opportunity to encourage my boys to share God’s love with their friends! To make it simple, I created a sweet little inspirational FREE Printable Valentine to include with a bag of gummy bears. *I got the gummy bear packages in this picture from Whole...

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Praying “The Big Two” Verses for My Boys

I don’t know much about raising boys. I like glitter and fairies and cutting my sandwiches into whimsical shapes. My boys prefer roughhousing and seeing who can toot at the best comedic moment. I like crisp, clean linens. They like dirt and sweat. I like to dance and sing. They like playing sports. Whenever my oldest asks me to play basketball outside in the 300% South Florida humidity, I mostly say how about I be the announcer who stays inside that little glass box that is air-conditioned (i.e. the living room)? But the Lord gave me two incredible young...

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For When Your Hopes Don’t Come True

As a mom of two boys, I hope for a lot of things. I hope my boys won’t end up in the ER after leaping from the bedroom dresser to the bed and then back to the dresser (true story). I hope they will obey their teachers and be kind to their friends. I hope they will learn to enjoy all the green foods. I hope they will be strong, faithful men. I hope they will love Jesus. Plus a million other things! Sometimes I see fruit of the things I hope for. Like when one of my boys...

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Fighting for Our Boys’ Purity

The other night I got to go out to the grocery store without my boys.  It’s always amazing to me what a difference it makes when I can actually focus on what I am buying instead of getting home and wondering why I bought 14 boxes of cereal and absolutely nothing for dinner! But my solo shopping trip euphoria was cut short the second I walked in the door and past the magazine racks. Because right there, dead center, eye-level, was a magazine featuring a completely nude woman on the cover. I cannot even begin to express how shocked...

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What to do when you don’t like your kid

Lately my firstborn has been driving me crazy. I won’t go into details, but we have been in a season where everything he does rubs me the wrong way. It might be that we are so incredibly different. He craves my undivided attention and I like to be busy. I enjoy a quiet morning and he is an early bird with so many words. He is oblivious to dirt on his shoes and I am addicted to my vacuum. He has hoarding tendencies while I am a wannabe minimalist. He wants cupcakes for dinner after I have spent 2 hours making a healthy and delicious meal. These things add up and sometimes I find myself resisting his presence by being easily frustrated, impatient, and distracted around him. And all my resistance usually fans the flames of his neediness.  He presses closer, talking more, whining more, clinging more and I retreat more and that makes for a very vicious cycle! What’s worse is that I know these feelings are wrong. Would a good mom have trouble enjoying her kid? Guilt and shame are often my companions as I crawl into bed each night. Have you ever felt this way? Here is my encouragement to you… Space and Grace 99% of the time when I find myself easily irritated by my boys it is because I feel stretched thin in other...

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