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Hope in Christ Alone

I had done everything “right.” I hadn’t gotten angry. I had kept a measured tone. I talked to my boys about Jesus and his love for them. I hadn’t given in to the desire to wield my authority and to force them to lie and utter words they didn’t mean. And yet, here we were. Seemingly, the same outcome as always. They were still unresponsive to my encouragement to make peace. The harmony in our home was disturbed. We were going on a good half a day of a seething undercurrent of unreconciled conflict. I was done. I was...

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Your View of God Influences the Type of Parent You Are

What does your view of God have to do with how you parent? Turns out, maybe a lot… For those who view God as an angry tyrant and judge visiting wrathful vengeance on all who cross him, you will mirror that image. Your parenting will be demanding and unmerciful. You will be self-righteous because you believe yourself to measure up to God’s laws, for how else could one be a Christian? On the days that you are a “good parent” (ie you make a delicious breakfast with fruit, organic cage free eggs, whole grain sprouted wheat toast, send them...

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How to Know the Difference Between Sin and Childishness

Being a parent is hard; being a parent who wants to raise their children to love God is even harder. To know when to discipline, how to discipline, why we should discipline, is enough to make one want to give up out of utter confusion. The books, the blogs, the conversations at the park that revolve around those questions are endless. We want to be sure we are doing the right job, being the right parent, so that we can raise the right kids. With all the emphasis on our parenting, we have forgotten that we are raising children. We have forgotten that they are actually just kids. They think like kids, they speak like kids, they reason like kids. They don’t have 20 or 30 or 40 years of experience under their belts like you and I do. We so often expect our kids to think like us. To have the life experience to be able to reason like an adult. We expect them to know that when they swing the rope that way, it will probably hit someone in the face and knock their eye out. We expect them to think through the fact that when they sit on the dog—which is such great fun, and the closest thing to the horse they want but you won’t buy—the dog might bite them or might get hurt. We...

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Learning to Relax, Breathe, and Enjoy the Advent Season

Picture Perfect I love the Advent season. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year… that is, until December actually arrives. Then I start stressing over making the holidays special, memorable, and the “best ever.” I know that my family needs to be focused on the true meaning. So I plan to do an Advent reading every night. I start on the 1st with such high hopes of actually being consistent this year, and it always goes great—until about the 6th. It is on that fateful day that I realize we have missed a day and now...

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Discipline That Leads to Reconciliation

Minister of Anger We sat silently in the bedroom, each one of us wondering who would take the first step towards the other. As the parent, I know this is my job. I am to be the one who leads in repentance. I am to be the one who leads in restoring relationship. And yet. And yet, my heart was hard, my feelings were hurt, my pride trounced, my anger in full display. And yet. And yet, his hand reached for mine. His words of repentance preceded and led my own. I’ve heard it said “the the first one...

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