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the best news for our #momfail days

Y’all. Seriously. I’ve had so many motherhood failures lately that I’m clinging tight to this big, huge, monumental, dripping-with-hope win. The other night after disciplining my 8-year-old multiple times in a row for not listening and not listening and not listening…and not listening, I firmly-with-clinched-jaw said in the most controlled voice I could muster, “Take. Your. Shower.” Then I closed the door to the bathroom (while hearing him call me “the meanest mommy in the world” #awesome), went into my bedroom, leaned over my dresser, and prayed. Lord Jesus, help me. A couple minutes later, after my blood pressure dropped and my perspective purified, I walked back in the hallway and heard my boy talking. He was in the shower, and he was crying, and praying, out-loud, to Jesus! “God, I’m so sorry. I don’t deserve Jesus dying on the cross for me. I don’t want to be mean to my mommy. I don’t want to make her sad. Forgive me. Help me. Please.” Y’all. I died. I crumbled into this messy, blubbering heap on the hallway floor, hand on my chest like love had stabbed my mother heart so deep it hurt. I got myself together and opened the bathroom door as he was finishing up. I didn’t want to embarrass him so I tried to play super cool. He got really quiet as I walked in and...

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How to Call Your Prodigal Back Home

THIS ARTICLE IS A READER FAVORITE AND WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN February 2013. The Prodigal Son — a story that undoubtedly strikes fear into the hearts of BoyMoms everywhere. In this well-known story from Scripture, we read of a wayward son who demands his inheritance early, and ends up leaving his home and squandering his money on everything from sex to gambling. The prodigal eventually finds himself broke and broken — literally sitting in the mud with pigs, while sweet memories of home run through his mind. He sets his mind to return to this safe place where he grew...

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17 Ways to Create an Adventure with Your Son

THIS ARTICLE IS A READER FAVORITE AND WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN March 2011. Boys love adventure. But adventure doesn’t need to take us to distant lands or empty our treasure chests (aka savings accounts)! It can be found in the most unlikely places. And with a little creativity and energy, you can create a memory he’ll treasure for years to come. 17 ways you can create an adventure with your son: Be Physically Adventurous Have a foam noodle (or paper towel tube) sword fight. Put on your “little boy” glasses and explore your home with him. Together, fight off the...

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Five Ways to Pass the Baton of Faith to Our Boys

THIS ARTICLE IS A READER FAVORITE AND WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN AUGUST 2011. I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well. — 2 Timothy 1:5 We all long to raise our boys into men who love God and who lead their families, communities, and churches well. In Scripture we see Timothy, a young, yet strong spiritual leader who was given a great head start on his journey of faith through the legacy of his mother, Eunice, and grandmother, Lois....

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Encouraging Their Genetic Need To Destroy and Rebuild

THIS ARTICLE IS A READER FAVORITE AND WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN May 2012. There are many kinds of teenage boys: Jocks, Philosophers, Knuckleheads, Moody Musicians, Gangsters, and Melting Pots. As a BoyMom, you do not need for me to define each of those for you. You recognize your son in that list. They do all share some things in common, though. The first common trait among boys is the genetic desire to destroy things. In their heads, an arrangement of any kind must be disarranged immediately. Since the sheer amount of things that boys want to lose/kill/destroy would fill...

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