Author: Connie Albers

Mom & Son Date Ideas for the Early, Middle, and Teen Years

When can we have another, mommy? It was so much fun! That question has always brought music to my ears. To hear my sons get excited when they could spend time with me, just me! That’s what most moms desire. Mothers frequently ask me what kind of dates and how often we went out. There isn’t a hard fast answer because I had to consider the age, maturity level, unique interest, and my availability. Some seasons we went out weekly. But then, there were times it was once every three months. The frequency isn’t as important as being intentional...

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Wisdom for Online Usage

Time to stop playing video games. Who are you talking to online? What are all the apps on your phone for? As a mother of five (three boys and two girls), I was determined to stay one step ahead of my children regarding their online activity and social media usage. I admit it was easier during the tween years; I could limit their online access. As they got older, however, I couldn’t monitor everything they did. I couldn’t stop them from clicking around when they were away from home. Sure, I could tell them to be wise, make smart...

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