Author: Christie Thomas

Making gospel-centered decisions when your kid makes a bad choice

The bedroom door banged shut, making the house quiver. One of my sons had very obviously lied about something and refused to admit it. The house was at a standstill. There was anger and frustration on both sides of the argument, and it was all over a handful of filched kiddie vitamins. Vitamins! What’s a gospel-centered mama to do? Ignore the incident, considering that the stolen items were so insignificant? Or perhaps crack down hard on the lying and deceitful tongue? In this case, the answer was neither. I prayed for wisdom, then picked up my Bible. Creaking open...

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7 ways to enjoy summer as an introvert mom: #PlanBeSummer

I’m an introvert. There, I said it. Maybe you can identify? For us introverts (and probably even a lot of extroverts) sometimes those long days of summer where all the kids are home can seem more like an eternity. One of the most life-giving things that I have done as an introvert mother is to find activities to do together that bring us both life. Introverts tend to gravitate towards certain hobbies then go very deeply into them, and one of the best ways to connect with our kids is to share our hobbies with them!  But in order for these joint...

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Cherishing the Little Moments with Your Son

Grinning, he held up the pink stuffed monkey and pointed: “Ah-da!” The monkey’s name was Ah-da. My eyes misted, because at almost 3 years old, this was one of the first times he had voluntarily said a word other than mama and dada, and it was the first time he had given a name to something. To an outsider, his simple word seems routine. To me, it represented a mountain climbed, a tiny foretaste of things to come.  Other such mountaintops include the moment I realized my eldest son was no longer weeping before each school day, or the...

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When Mealtimes with Boys Drive You Mad!

My vision of a perfect family supper involves all 3 of my boys calmly sitting around the table, eating their meal with smiles on their faces, chatting happily about their day, and putting their dishes in the dishwasher after they have (politely) excused themselves. The reality in my house is quite different. We say “sit down” approximately 241 times each meal, because some people apparently can’t sit for longer than 90 seconds. >> We actually taped a kid to a chair once. No joke. (Well, the tape was a joke, sort of…) << The boys pick at their food...

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When Your Boy Believes the Lies of the Enemy

My two oldest boys get on each other’s nerves something fierce these days. Recently, however, the fights were different. Tensions were high because of a deep mistrust that had burrowed itself into the mind of my eldest. Every word spoken and every action taken by his brother brought him to the brink of a tantrum because he felt like his brother was “out to get” him. During a particularly hard day when everyone in the family had gotten frustrated with his attitude, he wailed to his dad, “I feel like everyone is against me” and it finally clicked. My...

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