Author: Christie Thomas

When Your Boy Believes the Lies of the Enemy

My two oldest boys get on each other’s nerves something fierce these days. Recently, however, the fights were different. Tensions were high because of a deep mistrust that had burrowed itself into the mind of my eldest. Every word spoken and every action taken by his brother brought him to the brink of a tantrum because he felt like his brother was “out to get” him. During a particularly hard day when everyone in the family had gotten frustrated with his attitude, he wailed to his dad, “I feel like everyone is against me” and it finally clicked. My...

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Rooting My Son in God’s Love

The question came out of nowhere. “How do I know God exists when I can’t see him?” asked my four-year-old son. My jaw dropped; I had never heard a young child ask such an existential question before. I hemmed and hawed and finally came up with an answer, and later that evening I remained extra grateful for the verse we had been praying over him every night at bedtime. Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. And may you have...

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What Has Power Over Your Parenting: Fear or Hope?

My sons and their neighbour friend zipped around on their bikes, staying on the sidewalk as requested. After a few minutes, this became boring to them and they pleaded with big eyes and smiling promises to be allowed to cross the road and travel the sidewalk on the other side. Trying to be a relaxed mom, I gave permission. Then, my seven year old veered out into the street. No cars were coming, but my heart rate skyrocketed and I involuntarily screamed at him. Blood pounded in my ears as he pedaled back to me. The neighbour boy looked...

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Little Lights in the Darkness: A Child’s Response to Disaster

Just a few days ago, flood waters swept the banks of town after town in West Virginia, destroying the lives and property of everyone and everything in their wake. Family members struggled just to find places to lay their dead to rest. Homes that stood the beating are left filled with mud, leaving treasured possessions and the familiarities of home gone forever. An outpouring of help, compassion, and hard work from neighbors and strangers alike followed, and is still in progress in many areas. West Virginia knows there is hope, and that there’s more hope where that came from....

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How to help your children recognize the voice of God

It was time for bed. I asked my two older boys to find a good “listening place,” and theyscurried into their bunk: the four year old on the bottom, the seven year old on top. I asked them to repeat after me, “Jesus, please help me to listen to you. Help my heart and mind to be quiet so I can hear you. Jesus, what would you like to say to me today?” I then invited them to be quiet and wait for Jesus to respond. Within a minute, my younger son said “I think he wants to say ‘I love you.’” The older boy was discouraged because he hadn’t heard any whispers in his heart; he said his brain was too noisy. I encouraged him to ask God to help his brain be quiet, so he did. “God please help my brain to be quiet so I can hear what you have to say to me” he whispered. My heart melted to hear his longing verbalized. Only a few seconds had passed when I saw his face poking out over the top of the bunk. With a smile that simultaneously held surprise, joy, and bashfulness, he told me what God had spoken to him. “God said ‘I love you Ethan.’” Both boys had an experience with God that evening but I believe it was the most meaningful to...

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