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ENOUGH with Enough!

ENOUGH with Enough! That’s the message I’d like to send to moms all over the world. Maybe you’ve believed that to be the best mom, you have to be enough for all your kids’ needs, but there’s nowhere in the Bible that says that’s true (what a relief!). “Peace—that thing all mothers want more than anything—comes only from trusting God to be all we need. The moment we start believing we should be enough, that peace is gone. Our whole belief system starts to break down because we’re failing to live up to our own expectations. We can’t be enough because we weren’t created to be enough.” -Gospel Centered Mom If we were enough on our own, we wouldn’t need Jesus, and, friend, we all desperately need Jesus. Get free from the need to be enough. Download your free copy of the Introduction and Chapter One of Gospel Centered Mom today and take the first steps toward the freedom you crave. Click here to get started. Our greatest need isn’t to be reassured that we have what it takes to be great moms. Our greatest need is...

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Join Brooke McGlothlin in her latest devotional challenge

Maddie burst through the kitchen door and nearly knocked her mom over with excitement! “Mom, you won’t believe what just happened on the bus after school! John asked me to be his girlfriend! I can’t wait to tell him yes! Wait, I can tell him yes, right?” Anne took a step back away from her work, and inhaled deeply throwing up a silent prayer for help. She’d known this day was coming. Maddie was a beautiful girl with a big heart and a loving personality. Most of the other kids her age had already taken their first steps into the “dating” scene, and while it was hard to believe she was anything other than the precious baby Anne had brought home from the hospital, when she really looked, a young girl stood before her. A young girl who would one day be a woman and was quickly developing her own likes and dislikes. Anne prayed again knowing her answer was important. “Maddie, it’s no surprise to me that John likes you. You’re an amazing young woman. Who wouldn’t want to be your boyfriend! Give me and Dad time to talk it over and pray about it, and we’ll give you an answer as soon as we can.” Sigh. Right? If you’ve been a mom for any length of time at all, you know questions like Maddie’s arise every single...

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There’s More Than Just Now

“You guys are driving me CRAZY!” I said, just a few minutes ago, and probably every day so far this summer. I don’t know why my boys are wired to disagree with each other, but there’s no doubt they are. If one wants to play outside, you can bet your life the other wants to play inside. If big brother wants to play whiffle ball in the back yard, little brother wants to be on the trampoline. The only thing I can get them to agree on is going to the pool, but once we’re there, well, we’re back to disagreeing about what game to play in the pool. As I write this, it’s been 38 days, 10 hours, 22 minutes, and 39 seconds since they finished school, and the arguing and fighting about how to spend their summer has risen to epic proportions. This morning, I took some time, yet again, to pray for their relationship and reminded them that God gave them a gift in each other—built in best friends—but I don’t suspect it will “take” any more today than it did yesterday, or the 37 other times I’ve mentioned it since the end of school. It takes time for life lessons to sink in, and repetition is life’s best teacher. This morning, and honestly, every morning for the last few weeks, I’ve been tempted to just send...

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Join the New 5-Day Praying for TEEN Boys Prayer Challenge!

“The best way a mom can enter the war for the heart of her son is on her knees.” (Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most) We are raising men to be warriors for God’s kingdom. God expects us to beg Him for help! In this 5-day challenge, we’ll learn to pray for our teen sons in the areas they need it most. Dealing with peer pressure Choosing friends (and why this is vital!) Developing personal responsibility Navigating dating Discerning God’s voice Join 4 moms (and 1 dad!) of teen boys beginning April 10th (that’s...

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4 Verses to Pray to Help Your Son Be a Man of Integrity

Looking for the first three posts in our 4 Verses series? Check them out below: 4 Verses to Help Your Son Be a Man of God 4 Verses to Help Your Son Be a Man of Purpose 4 Verses to Help Your Son Be a Servant Leader ****************** If you’re anything like me, you dream of your son becoming a mighty man of God—a man of integrity, a man of principle, a man who loves Jesus. You dare to hope that when the day of temptation comes, he will stand strong and fight for truth. That’s the greatest desire...

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