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Do you want to learn to enjoy God’s Word more?

Do you ever wish that you were more consistent in reading God’s Word? Do you struggle knowing what to study and how long it needs to be? Do you long to have more joy in your Bible study time with the Lord? I’ve been through seasons where my habits and routines were clicking and I’ve also had times when my spiritual life was very dry. But one thing I learn over and over again, I need to be consistently in God’s Word!    But it can be so tough when I don’t feel that joy, or the motivation to make...

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10 Books to Help You Dive Deeper in Your Prayer Life

If you’ve spent any amount of time hanging around The MOB Society, you know we are big fans of prayer. In fact, over the years, we’ve helped over 30,000 moms go deeper in their prayer lives. Just thinking about that number of lives impacted and the generations that will come behind them gives me the shivers. In a good way! If you’re among that group of moms who knows prayer should be more of a priority in your life, but doesn’t know where to start, take a look at the following resources! 10 Books to Help You Dive Deeper...

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What’s New in the Spring Book of Prayer?

By now, if you ordered a copy of the Winter Edition, you’ve fallen in love with your copy of My Book of Prayer. My hope for you is that you’re using it every day to fight for the hearts of your children! Overall, the response to My Book of Prayer was overwhelmingly positive! You’ve let us know you love it, and even offered some suggestions for how to make it better! After using it ourselves for a few months, we had a few thoughts on how to improve it, too, so I thought I would write and tell you about all the...

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Important Announcement About the Spring Edition of My Book of Prayer

Can I tell you a little story? A few months ago, after the Winter Edition of My Book of Prayer was released, we received an email from a mom who is a member of our online family telling us that she absolutely loved having and using the book (YAY!) to pray for her sons. However, one morning, her precious daughter picked up the book, and was hurt that her mom was praying actively for her brother, but not her (YIKES!). Now, my guess is that faithful mom was probably using the prayers inside My Book of Prayer to pray for BOTH of her children. After all, God’s Word (which is what we pray, and what the prayers inside of My Book of Prayer are based on) isn’t just for boys. It’s for everyone. It isn’t hard to take what’s there and just pray it for the girls on your heart, too. But this mama’s story stuck with us, and after thinking, processing, and praying through what to do about it, we decided to make one small change to our prayers for the Spring Edition. Instead of using the words, “May our sons…” we’re giving you a blank space where you can insert the names of your children—boy or girl. Take a look at the picture below to see exactly what this looks like! Some of you have expressed a...

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Attributes of God that Move My Heart to Worship

Sometimes, as moms, we need to intentionally choose to focus our hearts on worship. Worship brings peace, and joy, and the ability to slow down and savor the goodness of God. Peace, joy, and savoring goodness all sound good, right? If you’re trying to get your heart to a place of worship, for whatever reason, remembering these attributes and characteristics of God can help you get there. Just say them out loud, or whisper them in a prayer, and allow the truth of who God is to move you.   Everlasting Father Unchanging Abounding in grace, peace, and truth...

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