Author: Brooke McGlothlin

Fight Like a Boymom Closes Today

Over the last month, we spent an incredible amount of time grabbing pieces of God’s heart for mothers of hard-to-handle boys, and began the process of learning to fight FOR them instead of against them. We’ve chosen a verse to pray for 2017. We’ve learned what to do when we’re mad at God for giving us hard boys. We’ve learned how to help other people handle our hard-to-handle boys. We’ve learned what to do when we feel alone, and like we’re too weak to fight. We’ve learned how to keep from losing it when our sons won’t obey. We’ve...

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There Once Was a Mom Who Was Failing Her Boys

Or at least she thought so. She’d been in control her whole life, but when those boys came along they turned everything upside down, and try as she might, she couldn’t get it right side up again. So she hid. She stopped doing the things that brought her joy because she couldn’t do them with her boys. She stopped sharing her heart because she was afraid of what people would find there. She closed the curtains on her home to keep judgement out and the truth in. She went to bed most nights in tears because she knew she hadn’t been the kind of mom she wanted to be that day. Powerless. Frightened. Alone. Depressed. That’s how she felt. Constantly. Like she was failing at the most important thing she’d ever put her hands to, and couldn’t do anything to stop it. Then one day she heard something that changed her life. A friend pulled back the curtain on her own life, allowed our friend to see in, and it didn’t look all that different from hers. A whiny, disobedient child? Check. A stretched, weary mom? Check. Tension? Interruption? Disrespect? Check. Check. Check. All the same. All much more like her world than she thought anybody else’s could possibly be. And for the first time ever, she felt like someone knew, someone saw her, and that maybe her life...

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When Having a Hard Boy Makes You Feel Like a Bad Mom

You know those boys that just come out of the womb running? The ones that leave you breathless from the get-go, and give you a hard time with everything? That was our first son. He was a fabulous nurser in the hospital, latching on without much problem, and giving my husband and me plenty of “oooh, aaaah” moments as brand new parents. We were smitten at first glance, and pretty sure we were going to make amazing parents. Unfortunately, that all changed approximately one hour before we were released, when… The Lactation Consultant came in… She took one look at my son’s latch and shook her head, “no.” Sure, I was in toe-curling pain, and his little bottom lip was tucked up under the way it shouldn’t have been, but he was eating, and seemed to be content. In an effort to help us before we left, she “corrected” his latch, which was great for me, but apparently not so great for my little stubborn man. As soon as she left the room he “popped” off and I couldn’t get him to latch on again before it was time to go. By the time we reached our home with our firstborn for the first time, he was screaming, and what followed were the worst 48 hours of my life. No Visitors, Please Visitors who came to see our new...

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Be His Home Base

My dad and I were spending some time alone the other day while we waited for my mom to have a small procedure done at the hospital, and as is always the case when we get time together, we talked about the past and what we can learn from it. As we talked, we saw a little girl across the waiting room sitting with her legs up over the chair in a very unladylike position, and it caused me to remember something my grandmother used to tell me. “Brooke, put your legs down. Ladies don’t sit like that,” she’d say over and over again (because I was something of a tomboy, and didn’t like to sit like a lady). I told my father what I was thinking, and he smiled because he was thinking the same thing. “She taught you to be a lady, didn’t she?” he said. “I’m so grateful for all she taught me about life. It means that even though she’s gone, I haven’t really lost her. I carry all that stuff with me wherever I go.” All of their lives, my grandmother was the central focus of her sons’ lives. Maybe it was because their father abandoned them and left her to raise three little boys on her own. Maybe it was because she had no choice but to hold their hearts or risk losing...

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A Fight Like a Boymom Challenge!

It came to me the other day in the school carpool line… Many of you know that prayer is something very important to the MOB Society community. We believe prayer is one of the most important and unfortunately, most overlooked pieces of Christian parenting today, and so we’ve worked hard over the years to give you the tools you need to start praying for your boys. The best way a mom can enter the war for the heart of her sons is on her knees. Truly. (<<—Tweet that!). The entire focus of our Tribe membership is on fighting for...

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