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My fourth son was just a few months away from his due date and I was already feeling like I wasn’t meeting the needs of my other three boys as much as I wanted to. They were hoping for park play dates and tasty dinners. I just wanted to put up my swollen feet and order take out. And then there was the responsibility I felt to point them to Jesus and ensure that I was giving them every opportunity to grow up in a godly home. How in the world was I going to be able to do...

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The One Thing Your Angry Son May Need from You

Twice in the last couple of days I had two boys speak to me in gruff sassy tones that made me raise my eyebrows a bit. They had both been storming about and generally putting off a negative vibe and adversarial spirit. In days gone by, I might have gotten angry and told them to shape up. I might have even launched into a lecture about respect. Neither reaction would have done anybody any good. In my journey away from angry reactions toward gentle biblical responses to my kids’ behavior, I have learned to have much more empathy for...

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Help! The Kids Are Home for Christmas! (how to keep from losing it over the next two weeks)

As Christmas vacation approaches and my four boys will all be home together for two weeks, there is no time like the present to put a plan in place to minimize my triggers toward frustration and anger. One of my biggest triggers is irresponsible behavior! My boys need a lot of reminders and I’m okay with that, but when vacation rolls around, we all tend to get a bit lazy. I can see it now: trash left on the floors in the family room and bedroom, toothpaste left to harden on the rim of the sink, Legos left on the dining room table, and clothes scattered on the furniture instead of placed in the laundry room. In our book, Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses, chapter 14 addresses ten ways you can practically and biblically help kids become more responsible while also reaching their hearts for Christ. Early in the chapter I say this: “One thing that should be true for all of us is our biblical approach to teaching our kids responsibility and our godly response when they fall short.” I’m going to share one tip from chapter 14 in Triggers in a moment, but my co-author, Wendy Speake, and I always want to remind ourselves—and you—that the main goal of our parenting is both to teach and train lovingly and to respond gently to...

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A Mother’s Letter of HOPE for Her Son

Dear son, I’m not afraid that I brought you into this world, though it’s often dark and dreary. People have been saying that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. They look at kids like you and shake their heads with a doomsday swagger, pitying your future. As if you have very little to look forward to. I don’t know about that. I’m choosing hope! Hope that you will know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Hope that you will grow up to become a man after God’s own heart. Hope that you will enjoy the goodness...

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When You Need Mom Friends And Support

It was a small disaster, I admit. The morning of my first small group gathering was approaching quickly. I had spent the summer praying for twelve moms I had never met, but who had signed up to join me in a small group Bible study. I was pretty desperate for some mommy friendships and I felt like the best way to accomplish that in this busy season of raising kids was to simply bite the bullet and invite them to a ten-week small group that I would both lead and host. I was excited and nervous. Among us, we would have eight preschoolers and three babies joining our two hour gathering. I hired a babysitter from our church and went out of my way to make the group as accommodating as possible. All my ducks were in a row. The patio table was ready for us to gather around. Toys and playdough were ready for the kids inside the house. Name tags lined the front table of the entryway. The smell of muffins and coffee made for a welcoming atmosphere, I hoped. And then the first moms began to arrive before the babysitter. I ushered them in, offering name tags before guiding them outside to the tables. Ten minutes in and moms and kids began to flood my small living room. And still no babysitter. I tried calling her....

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