My fourth son was just a few months away from his due date and I was already feeling like I wasn’t meeting the needs of my other three boys as much as I wanted to. They were hoping for park play dates and tasty dinners. I just wanted to put up my swollen feet and order take out. And then there was the responsibility I felt to point them to Jesus and ensure that I was giving them every opportunity to grow up in a godly home. How in the world was I going to be able to do that with another baby on the way?

The Study Buddy Bible Study series is for every parent who wants their child to develop the life-long habit of studying Scripture. - The MOB Society

I began to pray a simple prayer: “Lord, I don’t want to neglect my sons’ spiritual growth. Help me find a way to point them to Jesus in this busy season of my life as a mom!” As I began to pray for help, the Lord prompted me to commit to doing a little bit of Bible verse work with my kids each weekday—but I couldn’t find the resource I really wanted. Little by little, the Lord prompted me to put together a Bible Study Guide that I could do with my kids.

Each night, before our bedtime routine, I gathered my 5, 7, and 10-year-olds around me and we went over the materials I wrote for our family. I couldn’t believe it! My boys loved it! I crafted discussion questions that turned the tables on me and my husband. The kids got to ask us for examples of when we misbehaved and how we learned from our mistakes, or what their ideas were about what makes a true friend. If we tried to skip a day, they wouldn’t have it! They begged us to do The Study Buddy Bible Study Guide each evening. Sometimes, the questions and thoughts they had to share with us would lead us into such deeply meaningful conversations that my husband and I shook our heads in amazement as the Holy Spirit guided our talks. God was working as we simply gave them a simple framework to share their hearts and teach them the Bible.

Parents need to be the most consistent source of Bible teaching through all the inconsistent stages of life.

I finally felt like I was living out Deuteronomy 6:-7 (ESV):

“And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”

And now, the first topic in the series is available for parents like you too—just in time for summer!

The Study Buddy Bible Study series is for every parent who wants their child to develop the life-long habit of studying Scripture.

Full of simple yet practical applications, this study on the book of Proverbs focuses on 20 key verses about wisdom that teach kids how to use good judgment on a daily basis. Designed to take just 10 minutes a day, this collaborative study is a wonderful way to reach your child’s heart without being overwhelming. Each day includes:

  • A verse from God’s Word to study
  • Space to write and commit Scripture to heart
  • A big idea to remember
  • Several interactive questions for reflection
  • Parent/child questions to spark lively conversation.

This study guide doesn’t follow a “teacher-student” format—instead, you’ll learn side by side, as Study Buddies!

This Proverbs study covers ideas like protecting your heart, doing good to others, taking care of animals, avoiding gossip, not starting a fight, and obeying parents. It’s ideal for ages 7-12, but can be adjusted for younger kids too.

You can grab your own copy here on Amazon! I hope that like me, you feel a sense of peace that you are being a good steward of your child’s spiritual formation by using this simple tool and that your kids love it as much as mine do!