who will teach them to be a man?

As a single mom of two boys one of the things that is constantly on my mind is who will teach my boys what it means to be a godly man.  There are many things that I can do for my boys as a mom but I can’t teach them to be a man.  I know that many other single mamas face the same worry or concern for their children.  What are we to do when there’s no man in our home?   Mom believe me there is hope!

But who will teach him to be (1)

A few years ago my oldest hit the super hero phase. Boys love to play and read about people doing all these great and wonderful things.  I worried for a while about finding an appropriate hero for my boys for a while until I realized that I already knew the perfect super hero: Jesus.

The same can be said for the perfect male role model for your boys. Show them Jesus. Read the Gospels to them and show them what a real godly man looks like. Teach them to hold Jesus as the standard for their lives and as a measuring stick when looking for earthly role models. Also read to them about the men in the bible. There are some great examples of godly men. None of them are perfect but that’s a great opportunity to start good conversations.

ask for help

  1. Start with your family: Are there men in your family that are willing to step up and take your boys under their wings? My brother lives several states away but he is always willing to talk with my boys (man to man) whenever I need some help.
  2. Look in your church:  Are their men in your church that will help you out? The bible tells us to look after the widows and orphans (this includes single moms and her children). I know that it can be hard to put yourself out there but ask anyway people can surprise you.  Also look for boys ministry groups at your church and other churches. Royal Rangers has been a huge blessing for us.
  3. Look in your community: See if there are mentoring programs that would work for your family. Something like Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
  4. Your friends: Ask your friend’s hubby if your boys can hang out with him (and his children) from time to time.

Can I pray for you?

Dear Father,  single moms have a tough job at times. Help us to remember that see our pain and struggles, hear our prayers and hold our children in your hands.  Give the us strength and the courage to step out in faith to ask for help that we need to raise our boys for the glory of your kingdom.  I ask that touch the hearts of your people, that men will rise up and stand in the gaps left by fathers that are no longer there. I pray that you touch the hearts of fathers everywhere that they will take their place as godly role models for their sons. In your son’s name. Amen.

If this article spoke to you here are a few more resources. I pray they bless and encourage you.

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LaToya, author of Beautifully Broken: Finding Joy and Purpose in the Pain, is a recovering perfectionist and control freak that loves old movies, good books and strawberry Häagen-Dazs® ice cream. She traded in a law degree to homeschool her children and be home full-time to serve her family. Through trials of divorce, depression, death and more she has learned how to find joy in motherhood and broken circumstances. As a certified life coach it is LaToya’s desire to encourage and equip other women to do the same. You can read more from LaToya on her blog. While you are there be sure to grab your free gift: 3 Easy Steps to Find Joy in Any Circumstance.
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  • Trena

    Amen! I agree that there were times when I really felt like I could do much for my boys, but as my boys have gotten older, the impact of other men on them has been much needed. Even needing other men to remind my boys to respect their mother – and it has been SO good – for all of us. I am very grateful that there are a couple of men in my sons lives that have stepped up and taken on the task of being a Godly role model to them. I feel so very blessed!! It didn’t happen when I first tried, but after much prayer and encouragement – God has provided for that need – at the proper time!

    • http://www.christian-momma.com/ LaToya Edwards

      Trena that is wonderful!

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